Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Reaches Out to American Samoa

"When America Samoa was hit by a tsunami in September, Ifo Pili wanted to help.

"My first thought was to send containers of food and bottled water down there," said Pili, Eagle Mountain's assistant administrator and former Philadelphia Eagles lineman. Pili was raised in American Samoa, and his father still lives there.

But when he took a trip to this homeland with former BYU football teammates Reno Mahe and Gabe Reid to deliver a donation from the NFL, Pili saw a greater need: jobs.

Having raised $5,000 on his own, Pili is looking to do more to help with American Samoa's long-term recovery from the killer waves and a depressed economy.

"What they really need is money and materials to rebuild," Pili said."-SL Trib

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No Charges in Fatal Eagle Mtn. Accident

Driver involved in fatal Eagle Mountain accident won't be charged.-Des News

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Eagle Mtn. Welcomes Pole Canyon

"At a special meeting Wednesday night, Eagle Mountain City Council members voted unanimously to annex more than 3,000 acres for a development that will contain 9,659 home sites, commercial zones, industrial zones, a rodeo ground, parks, trails and a public safety building.

The property is located north of Fairfield and west of Eagle Mountain. The annexation includes the White Hills subdivision, which had been unincorporated.

In exchange for annexation and development approvals, developers DAI are promising to bring up to 11,000 jobs to Eagle Mountain by building a large industrial park. Along with the promised public rodeo grounds, they have agreed to create 178 acres of open space and planned parks."-Daily Herald

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Eagle Mtn City Council Meeting

The first Eagle Mountain City Council Meeting of 2010 will be on January 5th.

The work session will begin at 4:00p and the policy session is at 7:00p.

"Public comment is offered during the 7 PM policy session. Comments are limited to three minutes each. When you arrive, please fill out a public comment form (located in the boxes on the walls) and submit the form to our city recorder.

If you are part of a group who will be addressing the same subject, please select a spokesperson to speak for the group."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eagle Mtn: NSA On A Power Trip At Camp Williams?

"In this post-Sept. 11 world, plans by the National Security Agency to construct a colossal $1.9 billion information storage center at Camp Williams could be considered a power trip." -DesNews

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