Monday, July 27, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Fire Station #2 in the Ranches
3785 E. Pony Express Pkwy.

For more information, contact Michele at 801-471-7557.

Eagle Mtn. Rec. Center

"The council is pondering whether to put a rec center referendum on the fall ballot. On Tuesday, however, experts from VCBO Architecture predicted that a center half the size of Lehi's would run an annual deficit of $800,000. That's in addition to the cost of building it. A final figure hasn't been determined, but $7 million seems to be a minimum estimate." -Daily Herald

Chase's Take: Let's face it, a down economy, families struggling to make ends meet and if passed we as residents would have to foot some of the bill, in return the city would have to go in to a deficit. Doesn't sound worth it to me. I say table the issue until 2010. Let this economy get back on its feet a bit. We already have the land set aside. Let build what the people ultimately want and not something to just build something. Especially with the city taking over the golf course to be managed by a group out of Thanksgiving Point. If we took on a rec. center deficit, and let's say the golf course doesn't make it. Then people will really not want to move to Eagle Mountain and you can kiss your property values goodbye.

Friday, July 10, 2009

No More Water Shortages in Eagle Mtn.

"For the past two summers, catastrophic water-well failures have created water shortages in Eagle Mountain, much to the chagrin of residents.

This summer, the city wants residents to know that $5 million worth of new backup wells and storage tanks are in place. So while in years past the city has been forced to let grass and landscaping turn brown in parks and medians, those kinds of shortages are now a thing of the past, said city manager John Hendrickson on Wednesday." -Daily Herald

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beautiful Eagle Mtn. Rambler For Sale

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Ranches Golf Course

Should we have city run facilities such as golf courses?

Apart of me says we shouldn't, but can Eagle Mountain really afford a business to fail when we already don't have any major business' out here?

This is just one of many issues the city council will have to carefully consider.

Eagle Mtn. Considering Ranches Golf Course Takeover

"Eagle Mountain is mulling whether to take over the failing Ranches Golf Course.

For five months, the city has quietly been negotiating with Ames Construction, which owns the course and would like to turn it over to the city as a donation, "free and clear," said Eagle Mountain city manager John Hendrickson.

In addition to all the golf course property, which includes a restaurant, Ames would also donate $650,000 to the city, as well as a cell phone and wireless Internet tower, lease payments from which will total more than $600,000 over the next decade. The payment money would go to city coffers." - Daily Herald

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