Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ranches Golf Course

Should we have city run facilities such as golf courses?

Apart of me says we shouldn't, but can Eagle Mountain really afford a business to fail when we already don't have any major business' out here?

This is just one of many issues the city council will have to carefully consider.

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Leigh said...

Why bet on a dead horse? Why would anyone want to get rid of a good thing? Water hog is what a well maintained golf course is. Face it. Our resources are cut thin already because of the recession, downtrend in the realestate market here and a government staff that has a 4 day work week. Why ask the government to enter into an enterprise it knows nothing about to do the impossible of making a loosing thing a winner? Spend the time a resources wisely. Take care of what you have but maintain poorly now anyway. Enter into programs of improved streets, tirmmed byways and safety for the homeowners. Finsh streets the City promised before ging into wild ventures of proven loss and waste.