Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ranches Golf Course in Eagle Mtn. offering Free Golf

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Eagle Mtn. Joins Utah Lake Commission

"Eagle Mountain City has joined the Utah Lake Commission, a group of local governments and state agencies with the goal of managing the Utah Lake area."

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Eagle Mtn. Woman Accused of Distributing Date Rape Drug to Teens

"The Utah County Sheriff's Office says an Eagle Mountain woman gave two teens the date rape drug GHB. The sheriff's office says that last Thursday they booked into jail 35-year-old Heather Dansie."

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bolli Announces His Candidacy for Mayor of Eagle Mtn.

Looks like current Eagle Mountain Mayor Heather Jackson has some competition.

Regan Bolli for Mayor

Eagle Mtn: Going West

"Suburban development is spreading like a cancer west of Utah Lake. That sucking sound you hear is the uncontrolled drain on the financial and water resources of the state if Utah County and other local governments do not adopt smart growth policies for this burgeoning area."

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Chase's Take: Stop acting with the mentality that "if we don't build it, then they won't come". People are already moving out that way. In fact, 22,000 plus now live in the Cedar Valley. Not addressing transportation issues now will only make the problem worse. Make these decisions now while land is open.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Couple Explain Reason Behind Abusing Children

"A boyfriend and girlfriend told a packed parole hearing they had the best of intentions when they beat, scalded and left home alone a naked 9-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy in Eagle Mountain.

In separate hearings, Mary Heath and Sekoa Aiono expressed remorse and admitted they were cruel to the siblings. The children demonstrated behavioral problems, including "acting out sexually" with each other, Aiono said, claiming their inexperience as parents and frustration led to abuse." -SL Trib

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vision for the West Side of Utah Lake includes Eagle Mtn.

Photo from Salt Lake Tribune

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Former Eagle Mtn. Wants Money Back Commentary

"Thursday, Gerald Kinghorn, the attorney for Eagle Mountain, argued that Olsen's lawsuit should be dismissed, stating that according to state code, Olsen's request for reimbursement should have come 10 days after he was served with a summons in 2006 notifying him of the charges.

"If he had come to the city and said, 'Look, I've been charged, I want you to be prepared to reimburse me for my attorneys fees if I'm acquitted,' we would have had to undertake something," Kinghorn said. "At least (we would have) known what was coming down the road and (could) budget for it."" - Deseret News

Chase's Take: I am calling B.S. on Kinghorn for saying that if Olsen would have come and told the city that they should have to reimburse him if found not guilty that the city would have complied.

Companies force people all the time to sign documentation stating that if they sue the company and lose, they pay all legal fees to prevent the court system from being overloaded with junk lawsuits.

I am not making excuses for Olsen, but to me this smelt like a junk lawsuit, only this time it was brought forth by the city. I believe the city should pay up. Unfortunately, that means it is coming out of our pockets because our city couldn't prove what they accused Olsen of.

Former Eagle Mtn. Mayor Wants a Refund

"Eagle Mountain may have to start saving its pennies after a judge ruled Thursday that the former mayor can continue with his lawsuit requesting reimbursement for his legal expenses.

Brian Brent Olsen filed a lawsuit against the city in February, arguing that it should pick up the $119,000 tab for the attorney fees he incurred while defending himself against charges in 4th District Court.

Olsen was charged in November 2006 with seven third-degree felonies of misusing public funds for allegedly receiving reimbursements for trips that he never took and meetings he never attended." -Deseret News

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Building Eagle Mtn. Has Been Waiting For

"The giant National Security Agency facility would be the nerve center for processing, computing and storing top secret information for all the nation's intelligence services. It will operate 24/7, 365 days a year but will be so highly automated that as few as 50 workers will be able to operate and maintain it."

Note this building won't be in Eagle Mountain, but I know city officials are gitty about it in hopes that future employees of the building will live in Eagle Mountain.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

More Shopping Options for Eagle Mtn.

Here is a look at what the new shopping pads next to Wal-Mart are going to look like and who is going to occupy them.

Looks like Del Taco is on board for sure.