Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fmr. Eagle Mountain Mayor Found Not Guilty is reporting that former Eagle Mountain Mayor, Brian Olsen has been found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

Fmr. Eagle Mountain Mayor Blames Staff

"Deputy Utah County Attorney Chad Grunander confronted Olsen with his e-mail asking Ferre to prepare an expense report for a water-law conference in Springdale, asking for reimbursement for driving to and from the conference - an almost 600-mile commute - as well as daily expenses.

Olsen said the e-mail was not a request for an advance, but rather an inquiry into how much the conference would cost so he could decide if he wanted to attend. He said he thought the conference was in Springville, not Springdale.

Olsen didn't attend the conference, but he still got the check, Grunander pointed out.
"You cashed the check on Oct. 6, two days later," Grunander said.
Olsen noted he reimbursed the city for that check, but Grunander said that was a day after an investigator called him about misusing funds." -Salt Lake Tribune

Olsen continued to say that he shouldn't have trusted his staff to submit reimbursements.

Olsen also was handing in reimbursements unsigned.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eagle Mountain Mayor Opposes Countywide Smoke-free Park Ban

Eagle Mountain Mayor Heather Jackson was the only Utah County mayor that opposed a countywide smoke-ban in public parks.

Instead she favors letting each city decide.

How do you feel? Do you favor a countywide ban? Or should cities be able to establish their own laws regarding smoking in public parks?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Details Coming Out Regarding Fmr. Eagle Mountain Mayor's Mishaps

"Prosecutor Chad Grunander explained each of the seven counts to the jury, saying that for one evening meeting in American Fork, Olsen's secretary went but Olsen didn't. Later, he requested her to make a reimbursement sheet for his travel to the meeting.

"She questioned the mayor, confronted him," Grunander said. "She'll describe his reaction, it was somewhat defensive."

Grunander said Olsen told her he had attended a meeting earlier that day. But Grunander said they have another witness who will testify there was no meeting earlier that day.

Grunander said that, weeks before Olsen resigned in October 2006, he asked for a reimbursement for a three-day water-law conference in Springdale.

Evidence will show the conference was only two days long, Grunander told the jury, and witnesses will testify that they were with Olsen on the two days of the conference — including one who had lunch with him at the Ranches Golf Club.

Each check was cashed days after the scheduled event, Grunander said. And the only time Olsen paid the city back was on Oct. 19, a day after speaking with investigators from the Utah County Attorney's Office, Grunander said." -Deseret News

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eagle Mountain's Utah Lake Commission Membership

If Eagle Mountain wants continue having a say at the Utah Lake Commission meetings then they better pony up the dough.

In years past cities around the greater Utah Lake area could attend meetings and have a say without paying the annual membership fee.

According to the Daily Herald, the Utah Lake Commission is giving Payson and Eagle Mountain until June to pay their dues.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UDOT Maps Out Wishlist, Includes Eagle Mountain

Utah transport planners have mapped out their wish list of road projects for the future.

Within those plans it includes a Lake Mountain pass road from Utah Lake to Eagle Mountain.

No word on how much this road would cost, but UDOT says that if it expanded the 201 to six-lanes that it would cost them about $2.1 billion dollars.

You can only imagine what Lake Mountain pass would cost

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Horses In Eagle Mountain?

Is half an acre enough land to own a horse?

Maybe, if city council members in Eagle Mountain vote it through.

Eagle Mountain city council also plans on discussing how many horses you can have if you live in Meadow Ranch.

The Eagle Mountain city council meets tonight (Tues) at 7p to discuss policies.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Eagle Mountain Rec Center

How much are you willing to shell out for a rec center in Eagle Mountain?

Eagle Mountain polled residents on its Web site. Out of 462 responses, only 18 expressed opposition.

So, it appears that you are willing to shell out tax dollars to fund such a building.

But should rec centers be built by cities, funded by tax paying dollars or should these facilities be be built by private businesses?

Another Traffic Light For Eagle Mountain Commuters

If you're an Eagle Mountain resident and you use Camp Williams as a way into Salt Lake County, prepare for the new traffic signal that is going in at Camp Williams.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Eagle Mountain To Introduce 'Budget Billing'

Tired of those utility payments that are sky high in the Winter and progressively lower from Spring to Fall.

City officials have developed and are now taking applications from residents in good standing to sign up for the equal monthly utility plan being dubbed 'Budget Billing'.

Other than being in good payment standing with the city, the only other eligibility requirements are that you must have lived in your house for at least a year.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eagle Mountain To Consider Sales Tax Hike

Residents of Eagle Mountain probably plan on voting for a quarter-cent sales tax in November that would help to pay for a express bus to Salt Lake City.

Saratoga Springs is also considering on such a vote.

Each city would have have a park-in-ride lot along with express bus routes.

Under the city proposals both cities would have to agree to the tax hike.

If this is seen to completion, would you be willing to take the express to work everyday?