Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Former Eagle Mtn. City Council Person tells the rest of the story

In the Sunday edition of the Daily Herald, former Eagle Mountain City Council Person, Linn Strouse tried to justify the check she took from John Walden.

Click on the headline of this post if you care to read the story.

There are so many people telling a different story that I'm to the point I want anyone associated with this time in Eagle Mountain politics out of office.

That includes Eagle Mountain's beloved Rep. Mark Madsen.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New bill could alter the way you drive

"A proposed legislative bill would require slow-moving caravans of vehicles to pull over if they're on a two-lane highway.

Rep. Fred Hunsaker, R-Logan, is sponsoring the bill that requires a line of five or more vehicles to pull over to the side of the road if the caravan is moving too slowly." -KSL.com

Too bad this only would apply to highways and not streets like Sweetwater Blvd.

But then again, where would people pull over? That mini road we like to call a path.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Eagle Mtn. to get new elementary school

"Eagle Mountain, UT, January 23 – The Alpine School District school board approved funding for two new elementary schools, one in Traverse Mountain and the other in Eagle Mountain. Opening Fall 2010, the new elementary school in Eagle Mountain will be located Southwest of Overland Trails Subdivision in City Center. The district owns the property and will begin design and engineering plans in the next weeks. With growing numbers of elementary children in the city the new school will be a great asset to the community. It will also allow for a more manageable number of students at Eagle Valley Elementary School, the only elementary school in city center, which currently has over 1,000 students.

“We appreciate that Alpine School District recognizes our needs and that they continue to provide educational resources for our community,” said Mayor Heather Jackson." - Eagle Mountain City

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eagle Mtn and White Hills to become one?

"Willing or not, a few hundred residents living in an isolated area of Cedar Valley took a step toward becoming residents of Eagle Mountain on Tuesday. After hearing big promises of 5,000 jobs, big-box stores and a windfall of tax revenue, Eagle Mountain City Council members voted unanimously on Tuesday to consider annexation of White Hills." - Daily Herald

Construction begins on Pioneer Crossing

"Work began Tuesday on an alternative east-west route for motorists to get in and out of those cities (Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs) and to access Interstate 15. Ground-breaking for the Pioneer Crossing project was held Tuesday afternoon.

The six-mile-long expressway project has been put on the fast track for completion, with 90 percent of the arterial expected to be finished by November.

The second phase of the project from Lehi's 850 East to I-15 on American Fork's Main Street will be completed by fall 2010.

The Utah Department of Transportation has contracted Kiewit and W.W. Clyde and Co. for the $260 million project, which includes the I-15 diverging diamond interchange, the first of its kind in Utah. The design involves a major east-west artery that crisscrosses over the freeway with only two signals and a free flow of traffic on and off the freeway. The DDI interchange will replace the American Fork Main Street interchange."- Daily Herald

Eagle Mtn. still looking for help from UDOT snow plows

"Talks over a lack of Utah Department of Transportation snowplows near Eagle Mountain are improving as the city and state try to find the most efficient way to keep the roads cleared.

Highway 73 is the one major road leading in and out of Eagle Mountain. When it gets pounded with snow, UDOT has only two snowplows working the big roads west of Utah Lake.

UDOT is adjusting the snowplow routes. It also has a salt storage area south of Saratoga Springs, which means the plows now don't have to leave the area to refill, which should help."- KSL.com

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Economy sinks Eagle Mtn. rec center vote

Months ago, Eagle Mountain had been optimistic that residents could vote this June on a tax increase to fund a recreation center.
Now that timeline has likely been delayed at least a year because of the tanking global economy, Mayor Heather Jackson says.

"But despite the economy leaning on their plans, Eagle Mountain is pressing toward its goal. Looking beyond the setback on a vote, the city held the final of three public meetings on Thursday to ask residents what they would like to see in a recreation center if and when it can be built.

The city will use the input of residents to prepare plans for a rec center so that when a vote is economically feasible, the city will be prepared to move, Jackson said.

The city has set aside 60 acres for the project along Sweetwater Road, and that land will also include sports fields.

Although a local homeowners association had at one point been in discussions to be joint partners, or to build its own rec center, the HOA has since dropped its plans, said city administrator John Hendrickson." -Daily Herald

Gephardt busts Digis service in Eagle Mountain

"It was a sales pitch for neighbors in Eagle Mountain. Change to the Digis company for your internet service, and it will be faster. Two people who contacted us say they changed over, but didn't get what they paid for?"-kutv.com

Thursday, January 15, 2009

UDOT tells Eagle Mtn; No more snow plows

"Concerned that icy roads could trap Eagle Mountain residents who have limited options when getting in and out of town, Eagle Mountain Mayor Heather Jackson has asked UDOT to provide a third plow for the two highways leading to the city.
UDOT has turned the city down, citing economic realities and the sheer number of residents on the road, making access for plows difficult.

"Right now we don't see that we have a way to put a third plow out there and do everything we have to do," said UDOT spokesman Scott Thompson." - Daily Herald

Up to 20 years in prison for Eagle Mtn woman

"An Eagle Mountain woman was sentenced Thursday to up to 20 years in prison for starving and physically abusing a young niece and nephew as a form of discipline.

Mary Matilda Heath, 33, pleaded guilty in 4th District Court to two second-degree felony and two third-degree felony counts of child abuse/neglect.

Heath's live-in boyfriend, Sekoa Aiono, 37, is scheduled for sentencing next month on identical charges.

Aiono told police the couple let the children go hungry, beat them with a leather belt and locked them in the bathrooms for long periods, according to arrest documents.

On Thursday, Heath tearfully expressed remorse and sorrow, saying there was "no possibly way" she could justify the abuse." -SLTrib

Story at KSL.com

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No gifts for our elected officials

"Strouse, however, said the money was not a loan, but a charitable contribution to her and her family. The money was meant to help remodel her home while her late husband was suffering from cancer.

"For people to misconstrue a charitable contribution in such a way is despicable," she said (Linn Strouse)." -Daily Herald

I feel bad that Strouse lost her husband to cancer, but once again, this is why our elected officials can't and should not except gifts, no matter what the gift is.

How can you, as an elected official, feel comfortable excepting gifts, especially from land developers.

Also, don't sit there and try to tell your voters that it doesn't persuade you in the political process.

Eagle Mountain could help its image even more by implementing a gift ban.

Charges dropped against former Eagle Mtn. City Council member

"Linn Strouse, who served two terms on the Eagle Mountain City Council, was charged with a prohibited personal use of office after receiving $10,000 from developer John Walden. Prosecutor Jason Sant said the state would have needed to prove Strouse was not fair or impartial in carrying out her duties as a result of the money she received. The second-degree felony was dropped Monday after the sum was paid back to Walden.

"We worked something out where the defendant would pay the restitution or the amount owed on the loan," Sant said.

Although Strouse had a position on the City Council, Sant said the charge had nothing to do with Eagle Mountain, but was solely between Strouse and Walden. Sant said he felt the facts of the case and the criminal charge have not changed, but prosecutors decided not to continue pursuing the case." -Daily Herald

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Foreclosure for Eagle Mtn. Ranches Landowner

"A Lindon investment holding company that owns about 50 acres on the southwestern boundary of The Ranches residential development in Eagle Mountain is facing foreclosure after defaulting on its special improvement district assessment.

An attorney for Eagle Mountain filed a notice of default against KEB Enterprises late last week after the company failed to make its annual payment of about $70,000, which came due in September 2008. City officials said the company has about $550,000 in outstanding special improvement district assessments to be paid over the next few years.

Eagle Mountain set up special improvement districts in 1998 and 2000 to fund the construction of roads and installation of electrical lines, water and sewer pipes, parkways and other infrastructure. The city uses funds from the assessments to make payment on bonds issued to finance the infrastructure build-out."-Daily Herald

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lifferth and Eagle Mtn City Council Deliver on Gas Surcharge

All Things Eagle Mountain has been following the gas surcharge that our garbage service has been charging.

Click for the original post here

Our city council has finally done something about it.

Here's councilman Lifferth's comments on the issue.

"David said...

I wanted to follow up to your issue of the fuel surcharge.

This has been discussed by the mayor, staff, and council.

The fuel surcharge is based on the cost of diesel fuel and is paid based on the previous month cost. There is no fuel surcharge if diesel is priced at $2.40 or less.

Because the cost of fuel has "thankfully" declined, the fuel surcharge is schedule to decline as well.

If fuel continues to decline there will be no fuel surcharge in the coming months.

December 18, 2008 6:25 AM"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Scandal Free in 2008

The Daily Herald has picked up on councilman David Lifferth's blog post that Eagle Mountain has gone scandal free in 2008.

We all know that Eagle Mountain hasn't had the best reputation from a government standpoint, but why are we celebrating something that is expected from our government officials.

It's like someone that wants to be rewarded for being a good parent. If you have kids you should be a good parent. It's your responsibility.

The same goes for politicians. You've been elected and entrusted by the people that voted for you.

Do your job and quit looking for praise because that's what you get paid to do and that's what we elected you for.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Eagle Mtn. asks UDOT for another snow plow

When there was heavy snow Christmas week, Eagle Mountain City Hall started getting calls from folks complaining that State Road 73 was not plowed and dangerous to drive on.

City staffers explained that SR-73 -- the west-east main road that connects Interstate 15 to Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain and points west into Tooele County-- is the responsibility of the Utah Department of Transportation.

After several phone calls and meetings with UDOT, city officials said they are hoping the snow-days problem is solved.

Mayor Heather Jackson said she met Wednesday with David Nazare, a UDOT regional director, about the city's frustrations. She said UDOT only has two snow plows working in the area -- one for Redwood Road (SR-68) and one for SR-73.

Jackson said she is requesting that UDOT add a third plow this winter. In the long term, she is suggesting that UDOT permanently add a third snow play and a UDOT shed with equipment in the area.

UDOT spokesman Adan Carrillo said such ideas are being considered, but it will depend on state funding.

City officials said snow on the road also was a problem last year, and they have offered to sometimes plow if UDOT can't get to it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

GOP Senator Wants Stricter Alcohol Rules

"Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, says pouring drinks in front of kids makes drinking attractive. He says he'd like to see a physical barrier blocking the view of alcohol at restaurants and the preparation of drinks or have it all moved into a back room." -ksl.com

You've got to be kidding me. I don't drink but this is a pathetic attempt to fix something that doesn't need to be fixed.

Why not ban all soda from being poured in front of children because it makes our kids to hyper or fat.

You can always tell when a new session is open up at the state capitol.

It's like the politicians divide up and one writes an alcohol bill, one writes a bill about the war on Christmas, and one writes a bill about how to be more patriotic.

C'mon! Lets tackle real issues like transportation, improving the economy, etc...

Not how can we expand government oversight.

Monday, January 5, 2009

CNG for Eagle Mtn. Drivers

Just when you thought it was a wise idea to kick that ole' gas guzzler for a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle.

You might want to think again.

In December, the Utah Public Service Commission made plans to hike CNG prices 188 percent by Summer.

Shortly after the plan was announced, CNG went from a nation-low $.80 per gallon to $1.14.

By July 1, the price will increase to $1.43.

BTW, don't think that I believe unleaded gasoline prices will stay as low as they have been lately.

I predict the pendulum will swing back even harder, sending gas prices higher than we've ever seen before.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Christmas Tree Pickup

"he city’s public works department is offering help for residents who would like an easy way to dispose of Christmas trees.

Simply put your undecorated tree on the curb in front of your home (not in the gutter or street) from December 30 through January 13 and public works employees will pick up the trees for you." - Eagle Mountain City

Eagle Mtn. Snow Removal Policy

PRIORITY 1 – Arterial roads (Eagle Mountain Blvd, Ranches Parkway, Pony Express Parkway, and Sweetwater Road)

PRIORITY 2 – Collector roads, school zones, hills and curves

PRIORITY 3 – Residential, alleyways, cul-de-sacs

PRIORITY 4 – Unimproved roads

The city owns five plows with salt or sand spreaders and they are all currently in service. Due to the high cost of snow and ice removal, dry pavement should not be expected on all streets in all storms. So far this winter, 483 hours have been spent plowing, with 6,953 miles plowed and 693 tons of salt used.

Home owners are responsible for snow and ice removal on sidewalks. No snow or ice should be removed from private property onto roadways.

Utah Shocks the World

More proof as to why college football is UNWATCHABLE and DISAPPOINTING until there is a playoff system implemented.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Friday, January 2, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Gets Prep Sports

"Rockwell Charter High School in Eagle Mountain is presently operating and has a projected enrollment of 225 in the top three grades next fall. The gym is now complete with seating for 800 and softball, baseball and soccer will be played at Nolan Park under contract. Rockwell was accepted for membership in 2A Region 14 but will play only junior varsity games for the next school year." - Daily Herald

Once Eagle Mountain gets its first non-charter public high school and some of the kids in Eagle Mountain are of high school age, Eagle Mountain will be reeling in the state champions for years to come.