Thursday, November 13, 2008

Garbage Pickup Gas Surcharge in Eagle Mountain

With the rapid decline in gas prices it makes me wonder if Allied Waste will reconsider their monthly $1 gas surcharge being applied to every household here in Eagle Mountain.

My guess is they won't.

Once a company has been granted to pass the buck, there is no looking back.


David said...

I agree and I have requested a review and adjustment of the fuel surcharge.
-David Lifferth

David said...

I wanted to follow up to your issue of the fuel surcharge.

This has been discussed by the mayor, staff, and council.

The fuel surcharge is based on the cost of diesel fuel and is paid based on the previous month cost. There is no fuel surcharge if diesel is priced at $2.40 or less.

Because the cost of fuel has "thankfully" declined, the fuel surcharge is schedule to decline as well.

If fuel continues to decline there will be no fuel surcharge in the coming months.