Friday, November 14, 2008

Eagle Mtn. Mayor Comments on Garbage Pickup Gas Surcharge

My recent email to Eagle Mountain Mayor Heather Jackson and her response to doing away with the $1 gas surcharge that Allied Waste is charging Eagle Mountain residents.

My email:

Mayor Jackson,

Fellow City Center resident here.

With continued falling gas prices, can we expect that Allied Waste is
going to drop the $1.00 surcharge for fuel?

I know we're only talking about a dollar here, but multiplied by every
house in Eagle Mountain, that's a nice stash of cash.

Mayor Jackson's response:

"Thank you for your email. Your concern is also ours and we follow
whether the changes by Allied Waste are correct. The fuel surcharge
follows a proscribed Index for fuel cost in the Utah market and is
charged in arrears. In other words, the fuel index for October will not
show up until November; November's index until December, and so on. As
fuel prices drop this will be reflected in the index and the fuel
surcharge will follow.

I hope this answers your question. Be assured that we do everything we
can to either reduce or maintain costs for City services. The only rate
increases we have instituted are those we must due to contractual

Again, thank you for taking the time to email regarding your concerns.


Mayor Heather Jackson
Eagle Mountain City"

1 comment:

Jon Barclay said...

Great Job on holding our elected officials accountable.

With gas down to $1.87 in the ranches I can't imagine that Waste Management will be able to justify this for too much longer.