Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Reaches Out to American Samoa

"When America Samoa was hit by a tsunami in September, Ifo Pili wanted to help.

"My first thought was to send containers of food and bottled water down there," said Pili, Eagle Mountain's assistant administrator and former Philadelphia Eagles lineman. Pili was raised in American Samoa, and his father still lives there.

But when he took a trip to this homeland with former BYU football teammates Reno Mahe and Gabe Reid to deliver a donation from the NFL, Pili saw a greater need: jobs.

Having raised $5,000 on his own, Pili is looking to do more to help with American Samoa's long-term recovery from the killer waves and a depressed economy.

"What they really need is money and materials to rebuild," Pili said."-SL Trib

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No Charges in Fatal Eagle Mtn. Accident

Driver involved in fatal Eagle Mountain accident won't be charged.-Des News

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Eagle Mtn. Welcomes Pole Canyon

"At a special meeting Wednesday night, Eagle Mountain City Council members voted unanimously to annex more than 3,000 acres for a development that will contain 9,659 home sites, commercial zones, industrial zones, a rodeo ground, parks, trails and a public safety building.

The property is located north of Fairfield and west of Eagle Mountain. The annexation includes the White Hills subdivision, which had been unincorporated.

In exchange for annexation and development approvals, developers DAI are promising to bring up to 11,000 jobs to Eagle Mountain by building a large industrial park. Along with the promised public rodeo grounds, they have agreed to create 178 acres of open space and planned parks."-Daily Herald

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Eagle Mtn City Council Meeting

The first Eagle Mountain City Council Meeting of 2010 will be on January 5th.

The work session will begin at 4:00p and the policy session is at 7:00p.

"Public comment is offered during the 7 PM policy session. Comments are limited to three minutes each. When you arrive, please fill out a public comment form (located in the boxes on the walls) and submit the form to our city recorder.

If you are part of a group who will be addressing the same subject, please select a spokesperson to speak for the group."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eagle Mtn: NSA On A Power Trip At Camp Williams?

"In this post-Sept. 11 world, plans by the National Security Agency to construct a colossal $1.9 billion information storage center at Camp Williams could be considered a power trip." -DesNews

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Eagle Mtn. On Board, But Saratoga Not So Much

"Eagle Mountain's City Council unanimously endorsed the bridge project in October, citing the lack of east-west routes across the county and the money the project would infuse into the local economy.

The project faces opposition from environmental groups and recreational lake users who say it will threaten the endangered June sucker and foul the lake and Utah Valley's air." -SL Trib

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Aquatic Center Survey

"Almost 600 Eagle Mountain residents responded to an online survey about the possibility of a new aquatic center.

The survey, which was the third done by the city, closed last week with 67 percent of the respondents agreeing that there is a need for a city-wide aquatics/recreation center in Eagle Mountain.

In this survey, residents were asked if they would pay $5.74 per month, with 51 percent answering yes, and 17 percent saying they would be willing to pay even more for an indoor facility. Of the remainder of the respondents, 38 percent voted no and 4 percent were undecided." -Daily Herald

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Commentary: Eagle Mtn. Mayor Jackson's Victory

Eagle Mountain Mayor Heather Jackson recently told the Daily Herald the following (see previous post for the story): "Less than 2,000 of the city's registered 7,500 voters turned out, which Jackson said probably shows that many residents are comfortable with the status quo."

To quote the song, "Sorry Ms. Jackson", this in no way shows residents are satisfied with the status quo. Mayor Jackson said it herself, "And with the flu going around, I can't tell you how many people were saying they were too sick,"(Daily Herald).

Mayor Jackson, if anything, this shows that with those that did vote, Eagle Mountain is a divided city. So enjoy your 33 vote victory and feel free to make sure Coop's Market gets built before the end of your new term.

Eagle Mtn. Mayor Returns by Slim Margin

"Eagle Mountain's mayor on Thursday held on to her job by a slim 33 votes.

Mayor Heather Jackson's lead, already paper-thin after Tuesday's results, narrowed further as provisional votes were counted on Thursday afternoon.

Jackson attributed the victory-by-a-hair to contented residents, and the flu."-Daily Herald

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eagle Mountain City Election Results

It appears that Heather Jackson will return as Mayor defeating challenger Regan Bolli.

Say hello to John Painter as it shows that he will be taking office on the City Council. Nathan Oschenhirt wins and we say goodbye to David Lifferth.

22% Voter turnout. That's seems awfully weak to me. Maybe I need to post directions next election as to where City Hall is located.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Costume Preference Predicts Next Mayor of Eagle Mtn.?

"Which Eagle Mountain mayoral candidate would you rather be for Halloween: incumbent Heather Jackson or challenger Regan Bolli?

Tom Groark, president of the Utah Media Group, believes the answer to that question will accurately predict the city's next mayor."-Deseret News

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

2009 Eagle Mtn. Campaign Financial Disclosure Information

See where the candidates in Eagle Mountain, Utah are getting the money to fund their campaigns.

Click here.

Eagle Mtn. City Council Candidate Talks Campaign Funds

"Unlike the other candidates I have received contributions from businesses, family and friends both in and out of Eagle Mountain. Dave Lifferth's entire campaign is being funded by developers, Dave contributed "zero, zip, zilch, nada" to his own campaign. Nate Ochsenhirt only contributed $78.74 to his campaign."

Click here for the posting from John Painter's Campaign blog.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

EM Candidates Discuss Transportation and Development

"Candidates for Eagle Mountain mayor and City Council had the opportunity to explain their positions at a Meet the Candidates night on Wednesday. They answered questions about economic development, transportation and other issues in Eagle Mountain."-Daily Herald

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Man Tasered, Arrested at Nolan Park

"Aaron Terry Morley, 36, got into an altercation at home with his family, then went to nearby Nolan Park, where a Utah County sheriff's deputy Tasered and arrested him after a struggle, according to a police affidavit filed in 4th District Court.

The officer had responded just after midnight to a report of domestic violence. He was told that Morley threw his daughter, who is seven months pregnant, off a bed and hit her in the side three times, court documents state."-Deseret News

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eagle Mtn. to Get More Transportation Relief

"With construction slated to begin in December and finish in fall 2011, the $130 million project is actually part of the Mountain View Corridor, a new road in western Salt Lake and Utah counties that planners envision as a freeway. Some day, provided enough money and need, planners hope it will span from I-80 to the Lehi Main Street exit, said Dave Smith, UDOT spokesman." -Deseret News

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Eagle Mtn. Library Forgiving Fines

Eagle Mountain City Library will forgive fines for items that are returned late in October and will waive up to $15 of already incurred fines in exchange for donations to the Community Action Services Food Bank. Each donation will take off 50 cents of previously incurred fines.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eagle Mtn.: Crossroads Nightmare

"Geneva Rock, the company the state hired to do the massive Redwood Road widening project, apparently miscalculated the amount of time it would take to wrap up work at the heavily trafficked intersection of state Route 73 and Redwood Road, commonly called Four Corners in Saratoga Springs, according to Utah Department of Transportation spokesman Adan Carrillo.

Geneva Rock's miscalculation backed traffic up in bumper-to-bumper conditions for more than a mile in at least three directions, and a half-mile in the fourth direction, between 3:30 and 5 p.m., according to several motorists on scene." -Des News

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eagle Mtn's Piks-Pace featured on for Skeleton

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Eagle Mtn. to Expand Library

"The additional 2,500-square feet will give room to new computer workstations, a children's collection and a story time area."-Deseret News

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ranches Golf Course in Eagle Mtn. offering Free Golf

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Eagle Mtn. Joins Utah Lake Commission

"Eagle Mountain City has joined the Utah Lake Commission, a group of local governments and state agencies with the goal of managing the Utah Lake area."

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Eagle Mtn. Woman Accused of Distributing Date Rape Drug to Teens

"The Utah County Sheriff's Office says an Eagle Mountain woman gave two teens the date rape drug GHB. The sheriff's office says that last Thursday they booked into jail 35-year-old Heather Dansie."

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bolli Announces His Candidacy for Mayor of Eagle Mtn.

Looks like current Eagle Mountain Mayor Heather Jackson has some competition.

Regan Bolli for Mayor

Eagle Mtn: Going West

"Suburban development is spreading like a cancer west of Utah Lake. That sucking sound you hear is the uncontrolled drain on the financial and water resources of the state if Utah County and other local governments do not adopt smart growth policies for this burgeoning area."

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Chase's Take: Stop acting with the mentality that "if we don't build it, then they won't come". People are already moving out that way. In fact, 22,000 plus now live in the Cedar Valley. Not addressing transportation issues now will only make the problem worse. Make these decisions now while land is open.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Couple Explain Reason Behind Abusing Children

"A boyfriend and girlfriend told a packed parole hearing they had the best of intentions when they beat, scalded and left home alone a naked 9-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy in Eagle Mountain.

In separate hearings, Mary Heath and Sekoa Aiono expressed remorse and admitted they were cruel to the siblings. The children demonstrated behavioral problems, including "acting out sexually" with each other, Aiono said, claiming their inexperience as parents and frustration led to abuse." -SL Trib

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vision for the West Side of Utah Lake includes Eagle Mtn.

Photo from Salt Lake Tribune

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Former Eagle Mtn. Wants Money Back Commentary

"Thursday, Gerald Kinghorn, the attorney for Eagle Mountain, argued that Olsen's lawsuit should be dismissed, stating that according to state code, Olsen's request for reimbursement should have come 10 days after he was served with a summons in 2006 notifying him of the charges.

"If he had come to the city and said, 'Look, I've been charged, I want you to be prepared to reimburse me for my attorneys fees if I'm acquitted,' we would have had to undertake something," Kinghorn said. "At least (we would have) known what was coming down the road and (could) budget for it."" - Deseret News

Chase's Take: I am calling B.S. on Kinghorn for saying that if Olsen would have come and told the city that they should have to reimburse him if found not guilty that the city would have complied.

Companies force people all the time to sign documentation stating that if they sue the company and lose, they pay all legal fees to prevent the court system from being overloaded with junk lawsuits.

I am not making excuses for Olsen, but to me this smelt like a junk lawsuit, only this time it was brought forth by the city. I believe the city should pay up. Unfortunately, that means it is coming out of our pockets because our city couldn't prove what they accused Olsen of.

Former Eagle Mtn. Mayor Wants a Refund

"Eagle Mountain may have to start saving its pennies after a judge ruled Thursday that the former mayor can continue with his lawsuit requesting reimbursement for his legal expenses.

Brian Brent Olsen filed a lawsuit against the city in February, arguing that it should pick up the $119,000 tab for the attorney fees he incurred while defending himself against charges in 4th District Court.

Olsen was charged in November 2006 with seven third-degree felonies of misusing public funds for allegedly receiving reimbursements for trips that he never took and meetings he never attended." -Deseret News

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Building Eagle Mtn. Has Been Waiting For

"The giant National Security Agency facility would be the nerve center for processing, computing and storing top secret information for all the nation's intelligence services. It will operate 24/7, 365 days a year but will be so highly automated that as few as 50 workers will be able to operate and maintain it."

Note this building won't be in Eagle Mountain, but I know city officials are gitty about it in hopes that future employees of the building will live in Eagle Mountain.

Video Courtesy of

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Shopping Options for Eagle Mtn.

Here is a look at what the new shopping pads next to Wal-Mart are going to look like and who is going to occupy them.

Looks like Del Taco is on board for sure.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Fire Station #2 in the Ranches
3785 E. Pony Express Pkwy.

For more information, contact Michele at 801-471-7557.

Eagle Mtn. Rec. Center

"The council is pondering whether to put a rec center referendum on the fall ballot. On Tuesday, however, experts from VCBO Architecture predicted that a center half the size of Lehi's would run an annual deficit of $800,000. That's in addition to the cost of building it. A final figure hasn't been determined, but $7 million seems to be a minimum estimate." -Daily Herald

Chase's Take: Let's face it, a down economy, families struggling to make ends meet and if passed we as residents would have to foot some of the bill, in return the city would have to go in to a deficit. Doesn't sound worth it to me. I say table the issue until 2010. Let this economy get back on its feet a bit. We already have the land set aside. Let build what the people ultimately want and not something to just build something. Especially with the city taking over the golf course to be managed by a group out of Thanksgiving Point. If we took on a rec. center deficit, and let's say the golf course doesn't make it. Then people will really not want to move to Eagle Mountain and you can kiss your property values goodbye.

Friday, July 10, 2009

No More Water Shortages in Eagle Mtn.

"For the past two summers, catastrophic water-well failures have created water shortages in Eagle Mountain, much to the chagrin of residents.

This summer, the city wants residents to know that $5 million worth of new backup wells and storage tanks are in place. So while in years past the city has been forced to let grass and landscaping turn brown in parks and medians, those kinds of shortages are now a thing of the past, said city manager John Hendrickson on Wednesday." -Daily Herald

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beautiful Eagle Mtn. Rambler For Sale

Click here to view the ad.

Ranches Golf Course

Should we have city run facilities such as golf courses?

Apart of me says we shouldn't, but can Eagle Mountain really afford a business to fail when we already don't have any major business' out here?

This is just one of many issues the city council will have to carefully consider.

Eagle Mtn. Considering Ranches Golf Course Takeover

"Eagle Mountain is mulling whether to take over the failing Ranches Golf Course.

For five months, the city has quietly been negotiating with Ames Construction, which owns the course and would like to turn it over to the city as a donation, "free and clear," said Eagle Mountain city manager John Hendrickson.

In addition to all the golf course property, which includes a restaurant, Ames would also donate $650,000 to the city, as well as a cell phone and wireless Internet tower, lease payments from which will total more than $600,000 over the next decade. The payment money would go to city coffers." - Daily Herald

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Eagle Mtn: Roads? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads

"Pony Express Parkway in Eagle Mountain will be extended east to Redwood Road, providing better access in and out of the Utah County city.

Currently, State Road 73 (Lehi Main Street) serves as the only major access road into Eagle Mountain from Utah County.

Mountainland Association of Governments and Utah County have allocated up to $3.5 million to construct the road that will extend the existing parkway through Saratoga Springs."

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Power Assoiciation Plans Service in Eagle Mtn.

"The American Public Power Association will perform a series of construction, repair and weatherization projects Friday throughout the nation — including Utah County.

Other Utah County Day of Giving service projects in which American Public Power Association members are scheduled to participate include working on four homes for the Housing Authority of Utah County, four homes for the Neighborhood Housing Services/NeighborWorks of Provo and several vacant lots in the Silver Lake subdivision in Eagle Mountain for the Rural Housing Development Corp." -Des News

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Eagle Mtn: Rockwell Charter HS Noncompliant

"Rockwell Charter High School in Eagle Mountain is in violation of its charter and the whistleblower who reported it now fears retaliation from the school board." -Des News

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Utah Air National Guard Fly Overs

A Utah Air National Guard KC-135 tanker aircraft from the 151st Air Refueling Wing will fly over Eagle Mountain during the Patriotic Parade at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 6, 2009.

""Please don't be alarmed by these planned flyovers," said Mike Monson, the base's emergency manager. "People aren't used to seeing this number of aircraft, flying for this extended length of time in close proximity to each other. We encourage people to exercise caution particularly while driving."" -Standard Examiner

Eagle Mtn. Pays Back Homecoming Parage Organizer

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Debuts its Free Bike Park

"Utah County's first free bike park—designed and built completely by volunteer—held its grand opening Saturday afternoon.

The Mountain Ranch Bike Park at Eagle Mountain features three downhill trails, a jump line, a pump track and a skills area where riders of all levels of experience can hone their skills."

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Friday, May 29, 2009

An Extra Life for Eagle Mtn. Resident

"An Eagle Mountain resident, Johnson is a self-described geek -- an award-winning cartoonist of Web comics, illustrator, designer and a radio show host. He is a hero to his children, and pretty much to his fans." -Daily Herald

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Hopes for Another Road

"To understand the city's transportation problems, all one needs to do is take a drive on State Route 73.

"When you get on the road from here to Saratoga Springs, it is obvious we need a second route," Councilman Eric Cieslak said at a recent council meeting.

But Mayor Heather Jackson said help may be coming soon".-Salt Lake Tribune

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Property Owner says Eagle Mtn. Took His Land

"Brent Johnson purchased land in a tax sale to develop homes. And he wanted to set aside lots for his children's future homes.

But with a handful of wires, Johnson said, the city has turned his land into an undevelopable tract.

And, he said, the city told him to accept $3,000 for the property or be sued for the city's attorney's fees it incurred over taking the property." -Salt Lake Tribune

Monday, May 18, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Organizes Volunteer Project



Volunteer Work Day Scheduled for May 20 is Part of City’s Military Appreciation Week

Eagle Mountain, UT, May 18 – Eagle Mountain City has organized a volunteer work day on Wednesday, May 20 from 4 PM to 7 PM at the Utah Veterans Memorial Park to help beautify and maintain the grounds.

The effort is in response to a letter sent to cities in the region by Representative Ken Sumsion, asking for support for the cemetery, which has struggled in the wake of recent budget cuts.

“We felt it was important, as a city, to do our part to help make this final resting place for many of our veterans a beautiful spot,” Mayor Heather Jackson said.

The City has collected donations of trees, plants, and flowers and recruited volunteers from the community, including Boy Scout troops and church organizations. The work will include planting, weeding, and trimming around headstones. Free food and beverages will be provided for volunteers.

Brigadier General Jefferson Burton, Assistant Adjutant General of the Utah National Guard, is expected to attend.

The Utah Veterans Memorial Park is located at 17111 Camp Williams Road in Riverton. It spans 30 acres and includes the cemetery, a chapel, a wall of honor, and a museum featuring military memorabilia.

Eagle Mountain City’s volunteer work day at the Utah Veterans Memorial Park is part of the city’s annual Military Appreciation Week, which starts today, May 18, and runs through Friday, May 22.

Other plans for Military Appreciation Week include an annual military care package drive and a patriotic program featuring the combined third grade choirs of the Eagle Valley and Pony Express elementary schools. The program, titled “This is America”, will be held on May 22 at 7 PM at the SilverLake Amphitheater. Admission is free.

What: Eagle Mountain City’s Volunteer Work Day at Utah Veterans Memorial Park

When: Wednesday, May 20 from 4 PM to 7 PM

Where: Utah Veterans Memorial Park, 17111 Camp Williams Road, Riverton (Between Bangerter Hwy and SR-73 on Redwood Road)


Swine Flu Eeks Closer to Eagle Mtn.

"Three Lehi schools have confirmed cases of the swine flu. School officials at Lehi High, Fox Hollow and Lehi Elementary schools are informing parents of the cases.

According to the Daily Herald, district maintenance staff was sent to each school to sanitize and clean the schools.

Parents are being asked to keep their children at home if they show any signs of the flu."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Former Eagle Mtn. Owner Saves Mare

"When Tracie Greco of Eagle Mountain, Utah, sold her first brood mare, a 15-year-old registered American quarter horse named Mesa in 2005, she immediately had seller's remorse." - The Herald in Monterey, California

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Salt Lake Trib Public Forum Letter

"I have sympathy for the woman in Eagle Mountain who lost her children to the state for neglect ("Kids found in dirty home, Mom arrested," Tribune , May 9). From all that was reported, there was definite neglect on her part.

However, it appears that she was a victim herself. Her husband was in prison and she was trying to cope with responsibilities for the family. She needed help long before the state Department of Child and Family Services was called.

If she had gotten some help earlier would things have been different? In most of our neighborhoods we claim to be Christians, who have an obligation to help the poor and downtrodden. Did this woman have no friends? No neighbors who had been in her home and seen the circumstances? No priest or bishop? No one to talk to? No one to teach her, to bless her, to pray for her? This woman had no one to trust and ask for the help she needed.

Where was the real neglect in the first place?

Lynn Roe

South Jordan"


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Girl Awarded for Saving Brother's Life

"An Eagle Mountain girl received a special award Wednesday night for saving her brother's life.

Nine-year-old Katiana Heath escaped from her aunt's home last October and told neighbors her little brother was locked in a bathroom without food. When officers arrived, they found the little boy beaten, unconscious and malnourished.

On Wednesday night, the Utah County Sheriff's Office hailed Katiana as a hero.

"I saved my brother's life, and at least he's not dead because my mom would be crying a lot," Katiana said.

The children's aunt and boyfriend are both serving prison time for the abuse."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Child Abuse: Here We Go Again in Eagle Mtn.

"Jennifer Empey faces four counts of child abuse, as well as abusing a disabled child.

Deputies were alerted after they found Empey's 6-year-old son, who is autistic, wandering in the neighborhood wearing nothing but a dirty diaper.

Empey was later found passed out in a bedroom of the home. The house was full of garbage and covered with both animal and human feces.

All of the children were either only in underwear or diapers and were described to be very dirty and thin.

The children are ages 12 to 4 and told investigators they didn't remember the last time they had something to eat."

The story from the Deseret News

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eagle Mtn. City Council Seals Documents

"The City Council has approved a settlement with a property owner for a power-line right of way and land for a power substation.

But don't expect to find out how much it's costing taxpayers anytime soon.

The council, without public discussion, unanimously voted on May 5 to seal the settlement documents, saying the paperwork was protected under the state Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA).

City Attorney Jerry Kinghorn said the settlement had to be sealed because the city is still in talks with other property owners.

The settlement was worked out with the help of the state's property rights ombudsman, and the city is in talks with five other land owners, said Administrator John Hendrickson.

Said Kinghorn, "We are allowed to protect [the settlement agreement] while we are acquiring similar properties."

In a memo to the council, Kinghorn said each property needs to be handled independently, and the other property owners shouldn't be able to use the settlement as evidence in their negotiations.

But that doesn't sit well with Joel Campbell, a Brigham Young University journalism professor and open-government advocate.

While the law allows property appraisals to be kept out of public view during real-estate negotiations, Campbell said they should be public once the deal is done.

"The city has a right to know how much the city settled for," Campbell said. "Under GRAMA, out-of-court settlements are public documents."

Kinghorn said the record will be disclosed -- eventually. When the rest of the property disputes are settled, all the information will be released." -Salt Lake Tribune

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pioneer Crossing Project Could be Delayed

"State transportation officials have temporarily halted a road construction project after discovering a pair of red-tailed hawks have built a nest in its path.

The Pioneer Crossing project is a new east-west, multi-lane corridor from Saratoga Springs to south Lehi in Utah County. It's scheduled to open in late 2009.

Last week environmental monitors detected the hawk's nest in the construction area. The Utah Department of Transporation has installed a rope barricade that preserves an 800-foot perimeter around the nest site.

If eggs are present, UDOT expects to delay construction in the area until mid-July or early August."

Former Eagle Mtn. Mayor Hits City with Lawsuit

Unfortunately this is a lawsuit that Eagle Mountain City is probably going to lose.

Video Courtesy of

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Former Eagle Mtn. Mayor Looking for Money from the City

"Acquitted by a jury on Sept. 25, 2008, of seven counts of misuse of public money, former Eagle Mountain Mayor Brian Olsen has now filed a civil suit against the city he once ran, seeking $120,000 in legal fees.
Olsen filed the suit in February in 4th District Court, according to legal papers obtained by the Daily Herald. Eagle Mountain has asked for a 60-day extension to answer the suit, and that request was granted by Judge Gary D. Stott. The city has until mid-May to respond.

According to the suit, Olsen has incurred $119,834.90 in attorney's fees and feels he is entitled to be reimbursed that money according to a provision in Utah law." -Daily Herald

Age-specific Research Helps Kids Stay Safe

"For the first time, new research has identified the top injury risks for children based on their age. We took those specific safety tips to a mom in Eagle Mountain to see how it would change what she does to help her family Stay Safe."

Video Courtesy of

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ground Breaking for Coop's Market

"CWC Inc. President Phil Cooper broke ground Tuesday for his and the City of Eagle Mountain's first full-service grocery store, Coop's Market.
Twenty shovels, with bright red bows above gold-toned blades, stood ready before the ceremony at 93662 N. Ranches Parkway on Tuesday. About 75 people -- dignitaries, businessmen and residents -- turned out for the city's historical event.

"We're excited to be here, and we're excited to put this project together," said Cooper at the event. He said the store will employ 75-125 people and that he hopes to have 90 percent of those employees come from Eagle Mountain.

The future store will be built on property that was used as a dry farm primarily for wheat in the early and mid-1900s by Lehi residents Virginia and Rodney Chase Allred.

An anchor for a 10-acre shopping center, the 50,000-square-foot Coop's Market will feature a bakery, deli, indoor and drive-up pharmacy, an organic food section, a butcher-block meat counter and a fresh produce section.

Residents currently need to go to neighboring communities for major grocery shopping. The opening of Coop's Market will likely change that.

"We've been working on this project for a couple of years now, and I know it's just a grocery store but hopefully this will stimulate a lot of other commercial development," said Ifo Pili, the city's economic development director. "I'm excited for the residents. It's been a long time coming. We're 23,000 residents, and we've needed a grocery store."

He said some of the delay in moving the project forward was because it will be the first of its kind in Eagle Mountain and it involved several different parties.

Coop's Market is a member of Associated Food Stores, a grocery cooperative.

The building design shows piers, canopies and trellises to give the structure variety and interest. Done in an old-market theme, the design makes use of the natural light in the area with more windows than is typical for a grocery store.

"We wanted to provide some visibility from the street and give it a sense of transition from exterior to interior," said Prescott Muir architect Corey Cracroft.

In addition to the grocery store, there will be two retail pads and three in-line storefronts available -- two small and one medium -- comprising 18,000 square feet.

R&O Construction will be working on the project. No completion date for the store was given, although many of the speakers said they were excited to see the project started." -Daily Herald

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Shopping Center on SR 73

Looks like they're finally pushing some dirt around for the new Coop's Market shopping center in Eagle Mountain.

Shopping Just Got Easier for Eagle Mtn. Residents

This Wednesday at 7:30a the new Wal-Mart opens in Saratoga Springs. Say goodbye American Fork.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

White Hills Residents Question Annexation

"White Hills resident David Myers said, "It sounds like communism to me. We have 130 people, but our fate is being decided by five people on the Eagle Mountain City Council that we didn't have a vote in electing. It's Big Brother going to tell us how it is."" -Daily Herald

Monday, April 13, 2009

Camp Williams Artillery Exercises

"The Utah National Guard announced that it will conduct a series of artillery training exercises over the next three months at Camp Williams.

Three units of the Utah National Guard, the 640th Regional Training Institute, 1-145th Field Artillery and 2-222nd Field Artillery, are planning exercises during the following dates:

• April 9-12, 640th RTI Live-Fire Exercise

• May 2, 2-222nd Spring Shoot

• May 16, 1-145th Crew Certification

• June 1-5, 2-222nd Annual Training

• June 16-24, 1-145th Annual Training

The April and May dates listed above consist of regularly scheduled drill-weekend training exercises that occur at Camp Williams on an annual or more frequent basis. The June exercises are events that are typically scheduled at Camp Williams every fourth or fifth year. The last time such an exercise was held at Camp Williams was in 2003. Those expected to be most affected by these events are residents of Bluffdale, Riverton, Herriman, Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs and Lehi.

For more information on the April exercise, contact the Utah National Guard hot line at (801) 878-5421. A separate hot line number for the May and June artillery exercises will be announced soon." -Daily Herald

Friday, April 10, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Offering Shade at a Discounted Price

"Eagle Mountain is going green -- in the traditional leafy way.
The city is selling large trees away at a vast discount, hoping to add some shade to the city.

The city has ordered 250 of the deeply discounted trees, which were donated by an Oregon company with the city paying only shipping, said city spokeswoman Linda Peterson. Normally the trees would cost between $250 and $300, but the city is offering each tree for $65.

Originally the city was going to use the trees for its parks, but decided to offer them to residents in celebration of Arbor Day. The varieties include Austrian pine, locust, ash, maple, ornamental fruit trees and more, Peterson said. All were chosen because they do well in Eagle Mountain's climate. The trees range in size from 10 to 30 feet.

"It is important for people to know that these are very large trees and they need to bring a vehicle large enough to transport trees that size," Peterson said. "A mini-van will not work."

"Trees are such an asset to the community, we wanted to give our citizens the opportunity to purchase them when we were able to secure them at such a good price," City Administrator John Hendrickson said.

The first shipment of 85 trees has already sold out, and the city is expecting the next shipment at any time. The arrival will be announced on the city's Web site,

Buyers must live in Eagle Mountain and provide either a photo ID or a copy of their utility bill for verification. Payment may be made with either a check or exact cash. There is a limit of three trees per family. Trees will be sold until the supply runs out.

Trees are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Eagle Mountain City Public Works building, 2545 N. Sweetwater Road, Monday-Friday from 9 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 3 p.m. For general questions, you may call (801) 789-6670; however, the city cannot take orders, reservations or payment over the phone." -excerpts from Daily Herald.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Unanimously Approves Addict Rehab Home

" The City Council, after fielding public comments for more than an hour, unanimously voted to approve a conditional-use permit for The Ark of Eagle Mountain, a sister facility to The Ark of Little Cottonwood. Both cater to professionals recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

The council had tabled the proposal in March, insisting that Boberg provide a detailed landscaping plan for the home.

But council members were clear that putting it in a residential neighborhood in this northwestern Utah County city was not their idea. Instead, they said it was a decision forced on them by federal law and court decisions that protect the rights of the disabled.

"I firmly believe that this is a horrible decision," said Councilman Nathan Ochsenhirt, adding that he hoped The Ark would be a "blessing to this community, and not a damnation." Like the rest of his colleagues, Ochsenhirt said he had nothing against treatment centers for addicts; he just thought Eagle Mountain was the wrong place for them.

Councilman David Lifferth said Eagle Mountain is a 45-minute ride from American Fork Hospital -- under ideal traffic conditions. That could prove deadly, Lifferth said, if one of Boberg's clients attempts suicide.

"I think it is negligence on your part to position your place so far from needed medical care," Lifferth said.

Boberg, The Ark's executive director, said Lifferth overlooked the fact that Intermountain Healthcare is building a medical facility in the city.

As for the choice of Eagle Mountain, she said it is a place where her clients will be surrounded by natural beauty as they put their lives back in order.

"As I told them before, why not Eagle Mountain?" Boberg said.

Many of the residents who spoke had reasons for wanting it to go elsewhere.

"I don't think any of us here in the neighborhood are opposed to people getting help, said Jorge Sagastume. "But in our neighborhood, you cannot run a business out of your home."" -SL Trib

Monday, April 6, 2009

UTA Up and Running in Eagle Mtn.

"For the tens of thousands living in Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, there's finally a new way to get to Salt Lake for work. A new express bus route is rolling.

"That's good, probably a good idea. If you work uptown or something, that's probably the way to go," one man told us.

Some residents are saying anything to reduce traffic, and that will allow them to leave the car at home, is a good thing and needed; others not so happy about the price to ride.

UTA says the cost of a one-way express bus fare is $4.50 and a monthly unlimited express bus pass is $162.00. "I don't think it's worth it for the price they're charging," another man said.

Right now, there are only two buses that make the trip, but several residents say it's a start. They hope to see more buses added as more people jump aboard."

Eagle Mtn. Traffic Delays Equaling Progress

"Commuters in Eagle Mountain are facing a double dose of road construction.

The intersection known as the four corners in Saratoga Springs is a major route for motorists to and from Eagle Mountain. Redwood Road and State Road 73 in the area both are under construction. Both roads are being widened.

"It takes 15 more minutes, 15 to half an hour longer," one motorist said.

But Scott Thompson of the Utah Department of Transportation says when it's all completed, today's delays will lead to a much better drive.

"(They've) got a new Wal-Mart going in out there. You have a lot more people coming back and forth," he said.

Redwood Road is being widened from Bangerter Highway on the north to 400 South in Saratoga Springs on the south. It should be finished by this fall.

The S.R. 73 work should be wrapped up in June."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Councilman comments on Eagle Mtn. Wanting More Roads Commentary

These are comments from Eagle Mountain City Councilman David Lifferth regarding my commentary on Eagle Mtn. wanting more roads. I always appreciate the time he takes to read and respond on this website.

"I appreciate your frustration. I also agree with one of your solutions. The city is willing to bond for roads outside of our boundaries. I have heard proposals to do this going back to the Bailey administration.

I also agree that bringing business to Eagle Mountain will help with the tax base to pay for road improvements both inside and outside of our borders.

While you may have heard of proposals to bond for a Recreation Center. I have heard public statements opposing bonding for a rec center from myself and other members on the council. The plan to build a rec center has been "unofficially tabled" until the economy turns around.

But, going back to your solution that we need more businesses in Eagle Mountain. You need to look at this from a prospective business viewpoint. If you have a choice to relocate your business to Eagle Mountain, would you want to do that with all of the turmoil, corruption, immature behavior, and anti-business rhetoric that IN THE PAST was common in Eagle Mountain? I think that right now we have the businesses that have chosen to come here despite the bad behavior of city officials, staff, and residents OF THE PAST.

We finally have a mature and responsible Mayor and City Council that is working for the benefit of the city. Despite the economy, I think that Eagle Mountain is finally a safe place for businesses to thrive.

It is hard to predict the future, but I think we have a better chance of getting businesses to move to and start up in Eagle Mountain now that everyone is more mature and responsible. Time will tell."

April 5, 2009 7:39 AM

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Want More Roads Commentary

Issues like this will continue to haunt Eagle Mountain until the city can find a way to bring businesses here. These businesses are needed to generate tax revenue. This is why Saratoga Springs can come up with their portion of the money to build a two-lane highway and Eagle Mountain can't.

If the city is willing to bond for a recreation center then why not be willing to bond for a road? It may be time to re-think some of the priorities at the city council.

Let's face it, the federal, state, and county will not build this road for us and why should they? They don't live here and they probably never drive out here because other than great views there is no business to attend to.

Eagle Mtn. Want More Roads

"A single road leads to Eagle Mountain, home to 20,000 people, and the city has learned it will get no help to add another access route.
"Every time we get a reasonable storm -- rain, snow, or wind -- residents get held up and it gets dramatic," said Councilman Nathan Ochsenhirt, who said he gets many angry calls from residents who repeatedly say "I'm pretty damn sick and tired of having one road into our city."

Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs are stuck squarely with the problem. Both cities held a recent meeting with regional planning officials to discuss how an extension of Pony Express Parkway to Center Street in Saratoga Springs, which would provide a second access to both cities, could be paid for. The answers?

"We will get no help from the county or the state," said Mayor Heather Jackson. "We have to figure out how to fund the dang thing ourselves."

To build just a two-lane road with no center lane will cost $3.5 million, a price that includes both construction and purchasing the needed land. Saratoga Springs officials said they have some road impact fees they can use toward the cost, but for Eagle Mountain there is no such easy solution, said Jackson.

"We could bond," she said. It was unclear whether residents would vote on such a bond.

The city understands that something needs to happen immediately. The urgency has only been underscored by construction at the crossroads of Redwood Road and Lehi Main Street, which has backed traffic up for miles during rush hour on recent days.

Now Eagle Mountain must find a way to come up with its share of the millions needed to construct the road. The city is getting creative. Jackson said the city must build a pipeline for Central Utah Project water to come into the city, and perhaps could use the same right-of-way for both the pipeline and the road.

Eagle Mountain also will ask county officials to chip in because, if built, the parkway would allow the county to abandon the old Fairfield road. And city manager John Hendrickson said the city could try to squeeze funds from the Legislature.

"Is there any more we can do as a council to accomplish this?" Ochsenhirt said. "Is there any possibility that road could be accomplished in the next year?"

"Yes, but we may have to bond for it. We may have to go into debt because you [the council] do not have the funds to do it at this point," Jackson said. "We are trying to find every single way that we can think of.""-Daily Herald

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Budget Deficit for Eagle Mtn?

Eagle Mountain City is looking for ways to avoid a $260,000 deficit according to the Daily Herald.

"Council members and city department heads met on Tuesday night to discuss how to cut more than a quarter-million dollars from Eagle Mountain's $34 million budget. Everyone at the meeting was asked to lay all ideas on the table. The council will vote on the budget in the coming weeks."

Councilman David Lifferth suggested that council members take a 10 percent pay cut.

According to, Mayor Heather Jackson makes somewhere in the range of $70,000. No word on whether she would be willing to take a pay cut for the city.

"City manager John Hendrickson reported that city staffers had volunteered to give up the city Christmas party, a catered affair attended by 120 last year at a cost of $12,000. The city will also forego staff birthday celebrations and employee activities.

In a sign that many in the city are having a hard time making ends meet, staffers said each month on average 200 families have their utilities shut off in the city, while another 600 families are late paying their utility bills. The announcement brought a somber tone to the meeting.

The city will consider adding a monthly storm-drain fee to city utility bills in order to help meet the budget, council members said, though Lifferth said it would be "morally wrong" to charge residents more in storm-drain fees than the city needs to cover storm-drain costs.

Last year Eagle Mountain paid $90,000 for a legislative lobbyist, but this year that too may have to go." - Daily Herald with some personal commentary

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Drug Rehab Home Commentary

"At the March 17 meeting, the City Council tabled the application. Council members asked Boberg to provide a professionally drafted landscape plan -- she had submitted a sketch made on a computer -- before it grants approval." Salt Lake Tribune

I love how our city council can't just say they don't want this type of business in our community.

Instead, it sounds like they're making excuses such as landscape plans to further delay issuing a permit for this drug rehab home.

If you're not for it, just say it.

As for future business in Eagle Mountain, I wonder how that grocery store is coming along?

Eagle Mtn. Drug Rehab Home Update

" Gloria Boberg said the state has given her proposed group home in Eagle Mountain preliminary approval.

Now Boberg, executive director of The Ark of Little Cottonwood, just wants the city to move ahead and give her the conditional-use permit she needs to open her doors to professionals and veterans recovering from substance abuse.

"We're at a standstill waiting," Boberg said of her plans for The Ark of Eagle Mountain. She also operates a substance abuse treatment center in Sandy.

Ken Stettler, director of the state human services department's office of licensing, said inspectors did an on-site review looking at safety issues and other aspects of the program. But the final license will be issued when the city issues its permit.

Steve Mumford, the city's planning director, said the city is waiting too -- for plans showing how landscaping would be used to screen parking areas at the house.

"We're waiting in limbo," Mumford said.

At the March 17 meeting, the City Council tabled the application. Council members asked Boberg to provide a professionally drafted landscape plan -- she had submitted a sketch made on a computer -- before it grants approval.

The action came as residents claimed the group home would pose a threat to public safety and would lower property values.

Boberg said earlier that the council appeared to be dragging its feet to appease the neighbors.

But Mumford said the city is not asking Boberg to do anything it wouldn't ask any other business applicant.

Boberg said she was going to meet with a landscaper today and have the plans ready for the city before the April 7 meeting." -Salt Lake Tribune

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cafe El Lago Visit

It only took me two years after moving to Eagle Mountain, but I finally decided to go to Cafe El Lago located in Saratoga Springs.

Pretty nice inside. If you're a booth person you won't like it considering they only have tables with chairs.

Once you enter the host seats you. So, a step above a place like Cafe Rio or Bajio.

Once you're seated they offer you complimentary chips and salsa. They do charge for refills on the salsa and chips. The chips seemed like they were made there.

I ordered the enchilada plate. It came with your choice of three enchiladas. I choose one shredded beef and two cheese. Each platter combo comes with the traditional pinto beans and rice. They also serve posole as a third side item.

Overall a good value at $8.75. Most Mexican restaurants I've been to lately only offer 1 or 2 enchiladas in their combo meal and are pushing $10+ dollars a meal.

Check out their website if interested.

Proposed Eagle Mtn. Drug Rehab Group Home Delayed

" Eagle Mountain » The City Council wants more time to decide if it will let a group home for professionals recovering from substance abuse operate here.

The council voted Tuesday to table the Ark for Eagle Mountain's application until April 7. Councilmen Ryan Ireland and David Lifferth said they want more information, such as a detailed site plan showing landscaping and parking, as well as information on relapse rates from the Ark's other facilities in Utah.

But Gloria Boberg, the Ark's executive director, isn't happy about waiting even longer.

"It's just petty crap," Boberg said after the council meeting. She said the council could have approved the permit and required her to bring in the detailed plan later.

Boberg, who applied for a conditional use permit in November, accused the council of dragging its feet to appease neighbors who view the home as a threat." - Salt Lake Tribune

New Home Nightmare for One Eagle Mtn. Couple

"Eagle Mountain » Kenny and Paige Woodson thought they were doing all the right things when they bought a house here.

They got the lowest-possible interest rate on their mortgage. They had a building inspector go over their new home with a fine-tooth comb before closing.

"We covered our bases as best we could," Paige Woodson said.

But on Feb. 27, more than a week after they moved in, the Woodsons discovered their house had a serious problem: It wasn't connected to the sewer system. Their sinks, bathtub and toilets all emptied into a utility conduit that eventually overflowed into the basement.

"It's a $300,000 Port-a-Potty," Kenny Woodson said, describing the situation. For a week, the Woodsons ran to a convenience store to use a toilet, and looked for showers wherever they could.

While the Woodsons have received a lot of sympathy for their plight, they have yet to find someone who will step up and take responsibility for the error -- and pay the more than $7,000 it took to fix it.

The builder and the city have laid blame at the feet of the developer, The Ranches LLC, which has gone out of business.

City Administrator John Hendrickson said even though the city approved the sewer connection, it did what it was supposed to do, even if the plan it was working from was flawed.

"We followed the procedure that we normally follow," Hendrickson said, adding the Woodsons are welcome to file a claim with the city's insurance carrier.

The house was built in 2007. It sat vacant when the bank foreclosed on the property until February, when the Woodsons bought it.

When the sewer started backing up, a plumber thought it might be a clogged pipe. When it looked like it might be a crushed pipe, city crews came in and discovered the error.

And, to make matters worse, the plan showed the sewer lateral in the wrong place. The city's crew discovered the lateral for the Woodsons' home was 80 feet due north of where it was indicated on the developer's plan.

Ryan Hales, who built the house, said developers mark the location of the sewer pipe with a green board stuck in the ground. Hales said his workers found such a board marking a pipe they believed was the sewer lateral.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time, it is there," Hales said. "In this case, it was the wrong place."

Nor was the error caught when the city inspected the sewer connection in February 2007.

Hendrickson said the connection passed the inspection -- water was able to run through the pipe -- and it appeared to be in the right spot, based on the plans.

But the inspection report by the city shows the sewer connection several feet away from the sewer stub on the development plan.

Kent Partridge, the city's building official, said the house sat vacant between that inspection and when the Woodsons moved in, and anything could have happened during that time.

Hendrickson said the house was bought as-is, and that was part of the risks the Woodsons assumed.

Kenny Woodson acknow- ledges assuming some risks, but a defective sewer wasn't among them.

"They shouldn't have sold us a house that was not livable," Woodson said." -Salt Lake Tribune

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Utah Lake Restoration Plan Accepted by Commission

"The final draft of a master plan to revitalize Utah Lake is done and ready for a review at the state level.
Larry Ellertson, vice chairman of the Utah Lake Commission, says the plan to restore Utah's largest natural freshwater lake and expand recreational opportunities has to go through a 45-day review.

The Utah Lake Commission voted last week to accept the master plan, which has been under development for the past year.

The plan proposes developing access to the lake for boating and fishing; creating a bicycle and hiking trail; eliminating invasive carp; and restoring native species, including the June sucker.

The commission will hold a public hearing on the master plan on March 26 in Provo." -Daily Herald

Bad News for Utah County Commuters

"Utah lawmakers in the House of Representatives shot down a transportation bill today that would have funded the construction of the Mountain View Corridor and the expansion of I-15 in Utah County. It would also have raised the vehicle registration fee by $20. Bill sponsor Representative Kevin Garn says many legislators switched their votes when representatives from Utah County decided to vote "no" on the bill, because of their opposition to the fee increase.

"$1.8 billion of this $2.4 billion bond goes to Utah County. Half of them didn't vote for it. If they don't want their project, I don't want it either cause it's not my project. If they don't want it, I don't think the rest of the state really cares," he said.

Garn, who sponsored the bill, didn't even vote for it himself. He said the good news is that $170 million allocated to transportation can now be used for other critical programs, but the bad news is the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and critical infrastructure for economic growth. The bill may be reconsidered sometime this afternoon."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Utah Tops "Happiness" Poll

"Looking for happiness — it's family-friendly communities for some, tropical paradise or the rugged West for others. A survey of Americans' well-being, conducted by Gallup in partnership with Healthways and America's Health Insurance Plans, gives high marks to Utah, which boasts lots of outdoor recreation for its youthful population.

The survey attempts to measure people's well-being. It examines their eating and exercise habits, work environment and access to basic necessities, just to name some of the criteria.

The massive survey involved more than 350,000 interviews. Examples of the questions include: Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday? Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your job or the work you do? Did you eat healthy all day yesterday? Do you feel safe walking alone at night in the city or area where you live?

The survey, which takes about 15 minutes, involved 42 core questions. Those taking the survey could get a score of up to 100. The actual difference between states wasn't great: The average score for the highest-ranking state, Utah, was 69.2 points, while the average for the lowest-ranking state, West Virginia, was 61.2 points."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mortgage defaults are king in Eagle Mtn. for 2008

"Nearly 11 percent of all homes with a mortgage in the Provo-Orem area are in negative equity in the fourth quarter of 2008, and that number is likely to grow, according to a report released Wednesday by First American CoreLogic, a Santa Ana, Calif.-based seller of mortgage and economic data. In the third quarter, 7.9 percent were upside down.

Negative equity, also referred to as underwater or upside down, means borrowers owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth.

Of a total of 72,522 Provo-Orem properties with a mortgage in the fourth quarter, 7,713 were underwater. In Salt Lake City, 27,031, or 15.2 percent, of all properties with a mortgage were in negative equity in the fourth quarter.

"Once a homeowner goes into default, nine times out of 10, their homes will have a new owner within 12 to 14 months," he said. Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, located in the former fast-growing north Utah County area, had the highest number of default notices in 2008, he said (Jason Eldredge, vice president of sales with Newreach. The Salt Lake City company tracks pre-foreclosure statistics in Utah)." -Daily Herald

The warm wind before the storm in Eagle Mtn.

Video Courtesy of

"At Shana Allred's home in Eagle Mountain, she's certain every tumbleweed in town blew up against the back of her house. She lives on 70 acres of open fields."

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eagle Mtn. welcomes home soldiers from Afghanistan

"Some family and friends of Utah's 142nd Military Intelligence Battalion hadn't seen their soldier in over a year, so when they walked onto the tarmac, you couldn't hold them back.

Eagle Mountain welcomed home soldiers from its city in parade fashion.

They left a year ago, to provide intelligence so soldiers could protect Afghanis from the Taliban.

But if you saw them then, you'd never recognize them today.

“We wore civilian clothes, grew beards out, it’s a little different mission,” said Staff Sgt. Mike Jackson, Utah National Guard.

Several soldiers said it gained trust, and convinced the Afghani people to work with them.

“They wanted to do it for the good of Afghanistan, there are a lot of great people over there that want the fighting to stop, that haven't had the freedoms that we're so fortunate to have,” said Jackson."

Welcome home, you've been missed!

UVU classes at West Lake High School

There is a survey that can be found at check it out.

Utah Valley University wants to gauge Eagle Mountain's interest in attending credit and non-credit evening courses at West Lake High School in Saratoga Springs.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Met Sen. Madsen R-Eagle Mtn. Yesterday

Had an opportunity to lobby up at the Utah state capitol for and behalf of March of Dimes.

While I was up there I paid a visit to Utah State Senate Chief Deputy, Ric Cantrell.

Cantrell introduced me to Sen. Mark Madsen R-Eagle Mountain.

Sounds like a nice guy, but I didn't realize that Sen. Madsen's claim to fame came from being an attorney for Eagle Mountain properties.

Is there anyone in local Eagle Mountain politics that don't have one-degree separation from John Walden?

Just a thought....

BEWARE! Eagle Mtn. Pioneer Addition HOA

Today in the mail I received a letter from Quality Management Services who manages the Pioneer Addition HOA in Eagle Mountain City Center.

They tried to tell me I had an outstanding balance of $5.07.

No explanation, just that I had an outstanding balance.

I called QMS and asked them about the the total amount due because I've always paid my monthly HOA dues on time before the end of the 15 day grace period.

They said it was a fine from when Fieldmaster managed the HOA for my satellite dish.

I informed the woman at QMS that we were never informed of a fine and for what reason.

Luckily, she promptly removed the fine and also told me she didn't know what the CC&R's were on satellite dishes.

If you receive one of these letters in the mail and you believe it to be inaccurate, contact QMS by phone at (801)789-5500.

Or pay a visit to their office, it's across from the Maverik at 3688 East Campus Drive, Suite #101.

I know it was only five bucks but we cannot and shall not be abused by our "wonderful" HOA.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Minor injuries for two boys hit in separate accidents

Video Courtesy of

" In Eagle Mountain, a 14-year-old boy was riding near the intersection of Ranch Parkway and Pony Express when he was bumped by a car.

He fell off the bike but is OK.

Police say the boy was checked then sent on his way to school."

Eagle Mtn. Rep. and Sen. play role in approval of abortion bill

A proposal to allow private contributions to a state fund dedicated to fighting legal challenges to the state's abortion laws was given preliminary approval by the Senate on Thursday.

HB114, sponsored by Rep. Ken Sumsion, R-American Fork, permits direct deposits by private citizens and groups into the state Abortion Litigation Trust Account. Currently, any contributions to the fund must be routed through the state Division of Finance.

The bill's Senate sponsor, Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Eagle Mountain, told lawmakers the measure would "allow those who have common cause with pro-life sentiments to put their resources into an account to defend those views."

Madsen said the bill "gives a little bit of parity" to the pro-life movement, pointing out that groups with opposing views have many different advocacy groups and foundations to which they can contribute." -Deseret News

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eagle Mtn benefits from Stimulus; UTA

"The Utah Transportation Commission will funnel about $214 million in federal economic-recovery dollars in coming months to roads, bridges, buses, trains, sidewalks and trails all over the state." -SLTrib

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, $50 million of the stimulus money has been passed on to Utah Transit Authority (UTA) with $10 million of it to be spent on express buses for Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on Eagle Mtn. standoff case

"New psychological reports show that an Eagle Mountain man involved in a standoff with police suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome but doctors said he was not suffering from an episode at the time of the incident.

The findings mean defense attorneys for Matthew Graham may not be able to use his mental state as a defense in trial, but public defender Lisa Estrada said she still plans to discuss the disorder in trial. Estrada told Judge Samuel McVey Monday that police officers were told at the time of the standoff that Graham was a former member of the military and that he suffers from PTSD. The disorder is still relevant to the defense because it may have shaped how officers responded to the incident, she said.

Although the disorder may not serve as a defense for Graham, prosecutor Doug Finch said he may call a psychological expert of his own to rebut any testimony by the defense. Estrada told the court she would like to hire another expert on behalf of the defense, rather than use one of the doctors who conducted the previous psychological exams. However, there may not be time to find a new doctor, as Graham said he would rather have the trial sooner than later. The trial has been preliminarily set to start March 24 and last about eight days." -Daily Herald

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In-N-Out Gets Close to Eagle Mtn.

Good news for residents of Eagle Mountain.

The area where we have to go and shop because our city has no amenities just got a little more crowded.

"Popular burger joint In-N-Out has applied to open up shop in American Fork.

A Salt Lake developer met with the Planning Commission Wednesday night to request construction approval. Now the proposal must be approved by the City Council."

Boyfriend in Eagle Mtn. Child Abuse Case Sentenced

"A man involved in a terrible case of child abuse and neglect in Eagle Mountain last fall is going to prison. Thursday morning, Sekoa Aiono was ordered to serve consecutive terms in prison of up to 5 years, followed by 1 to 15 years."

Video Courtesy of

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Sen. Mark Madsen disagrees with proposed State Guest-worker Program

"HCR1, sponsored by Sen. Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City, asks the federal government to let Utah use Social Security and Medicaid withholdings to pay for the cost of the worker program.

Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Eagle Mountain, was part of the committee, but disagreed with the measure.

"This resolution doesn't do anything to address concerns for FICA and Medicare withholdings," he said, "and the cost foreign workers would place on the system."" -SL Trib

"Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Eagle Mountain, said even though he served on the conference committee, he couldn't support the resolution. "I wish I could," Madsen said. "I believe messages are being sent in this bill and it needs to be exactly right." -Des News

The bill passed the Utah state Senate on Friday.

UTA and Eagle Mtn. Bus Route

"UTA Express Bus Route #806 will begin service on April 6. The route will provide direct service from the Cedar Valley area to downtown Salt Lake City. There will be two northbound buses each morning and two southbound ones in the afternoon.

Buses will stop at an LDS meetinghouse in Eagle Mountain, 7746 N. Sparrowhawk Way, and an LDS meetinghouse in Saratoga Springs, 2101 N. Providence Drive. Buses will leave the Eagle Mountain stop at 6:13 a.m. and 6:43 a.m., passing through Saratoga Springs at 6:26 and 6:56 a.m. and arriving in Salt Lake at 7:25 and 7:55 a.m. Return buses leave downtown at 4:15 p.m. and 4:45 p.m., passing through Saratoga Springs at 5:17 and 5:47 p.m. and arriving in Eagle Mountain at 5:30 and 6 p.m.

Beginning April 1, patrons can purchase one-way express bus fares for $4.50 or a monthly unlimited express bus pass for $162." -Daily Herald

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recycling in Eagle Mtn.

I preface this post by saying that I'm not "green" freak nor do I care for the argument on global warming.

With that said, it's time for the Eagle Mountain City Council to step up and take the same initiative as American Fork has on recycling.

"The (American Fork) city council voted to begin an opt-out recycling program, in which all residents would be assumed to want recycling, and will be added to the service and charged for it, unless they contact the city to opt out. The program is expected to allow for greater participation in the city's recycling program by capturing households that are not opposed to recycling but have never found the time or motivation to sign up.

Other cities, Eagle Mountain most prominently, have also been considering moving to the opt-out method as a way of increasing participation in recycling. The more residents who participate, the cheaper the service generally is." -Daily Herald

I know this has been discussed several times in Eagle Mountain City Council meetings but take not from what Heber Thompson, Mayor of American Fork had to say about why they decided to make the right decision on the issue.

"We have debated this off and on, and we seem to always find some way to delay it again," the mayor said. "I think we have got to do something. It is time for us to take action." -Daily Herald.

I don't think recycling should be mandatory, but rather and opt-out approach.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tribute To A Hero: Pony Express Days 2009


Eagle Mountain, UT, February 6, 2009 – Alta Vista Homes and Eagle Mountain City will pay tribute to an Eagle Mountain resident, nominated by family and friends and selected by a representative committee to receive recognition as a hero in our city. The chosen hero will be honored at A Tribute to Our Troops—Pony Express Days 2009 Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, May 30, 2009. Nominations are now being accepted online at and as well as City Hall, 1650 East Stagecoach Run, Eagle Mountain, UT.

Heroes may come from any occupation or circumstance. Anyone who has affected the lives of others in a positive way can be considered for this tribute, particularly those who serve, protect, defend, care for and/or enlighten others.
“We did the Home for a Hero last year. This year we wanted to open it up to a broader spectrum of heroic people in Eagle Mountain. We want to see who the heroes are and give them the recognition they deserve that they might not otherwise get,” said Dave Hall, owner of Alta Vista Homes.

“We appreciate Alta Vista Homes for their efforts to recognize extraordinary men and women in our city and look forward to working with them again this year to identify and honor a resident at the Tribute to a Hero event.” Mayor Heather Jackson.

Eagle Mtn. Standoff Hearing Continued

"A hearing for Matthew Graham regarding an Eagle Mountain standoff was continued Monday as attorneys tried to sort out psychological exam issues. Graham was evaluated by two doctors for an insanity defense, but public defender Lisa Estrada said the reports are conflicting. One doctor found that Graham suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, but failed to address guilty but mentally ill or diminished capacity defenses. Another doctor also failed to address diminished capacity. Prosecutor Doug Finch said he has not seen both of the reports for Graham. The hearing was continued for an additional two weeks to give doctors time to address all of the issues. Graham is accused in a four-and-a-half-hour standoff with police after holding his wife and children hostage for an hour with two handguns." -Daily Herald

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Rep. Senator Madsen wants inventory of state owned art

"From paintings to sculptures, a state lawmaker says Utah needs a better accounting of its state-owned art so that valuables won't be tossed out or given away.

Eagle Mountain Republican Sen. Mark Madsen's Senate Bill 10 would create an online database of all state-owned treasures held at universities, museums, courthouses and other locations.

Madsen says database project would cost about $33,000 upfront and a projected $25,000 annually thereafter.

The bill has cleared the Utah Senate but is on hold in the House because of its cost."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chicken Pox Parties in Eagle Mtn

Video Courtesy of

"Leslie Rasmussen from Eagle Mountain says she's had friends who've had these types of chickenpox play dates. She vaccinated her three oldest children, but not her youngest daughter. Rasmussen, like many parents fear adverse reactions to immunizations, because of the multiple ingredients that make up these vaccines, which could include human cells. Where those cells come from is controversial.

I had a problem with that. It just didn't sit right with me, didn't feel right," said Rasmussen. "So when I was considering chickenpox or that, chickenpox didn't seem very scary to me at all."

Rasmussen started her research after her daughter had a bad reaction to immunizations.

"She had a fever, was crying and was just miserable. It was nothing serious. Not enough to take her to a doctor, but enough to question," Rasmussen remembers.

Now Rasmussen says she's not opposed to all vaccines, but is definitely more cautious and weighs the pros and cons for each vaccine."-

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Former Eagle Mtn. City Council Person tells the rest of the story

In the Sunday edition of the Daily Herald, former Eagle Mountain City Council Person, Linn Strouse tried to justify the check she took from John Walden.

Click on the headline of this post if you care to read the story.

There are so many people telling a different story that I'm to the point I want anyone associated with this time in Eagle Mountain politics out of office.

That includes Eagle Mountain's beloved Rep. Mark Madsen.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New bill could alter the way you drive

"A proposed legislative bill would require slow-moving caravans of vehicles to pull over if they're on a two-lane highway.

Rep. Fred Hunsaker, R-Logan, is sponsoring the bill that requires a line of five or more vehicles to pull over to the side of the road if the caravan is moving too slowly."

Too bad this only would apply to highways and not streets like Sweetwater Blvd.

But then again, where would people pull over? That mini road we like to call a path.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Eagle Mtn. to get new elementary school

"Eagle Mountain, UT, January 23 – The Alpine School District school board approved funding for two new elementary schools, one in Traverse Mountain and the other in Eagle Mountain. Opening Fall 2010, the new elementary school in Eagle Mountain will be located Southwest of Overland Trails Subdivision in City Center. The district owns the property and will begin design and engineering plans in the next weeks. With growing numbers of elementary children in the city the new school will be a great asset to the community. It will also allow for a more manageable number of students at Eagle Valley Elementary School, the only elementary school in city center, which currently has over 1,000 students.

“We appreciate that Alpine School District recognizes our needs and that they continue to provide educational resources for our community,” said Mayor Heather Jackson." - Eagle Mountain City

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eagle Mtn and White Hills to become one?

"Willing or not, a few hundred residents living in an isolated area of Cedar Valley took a step toward becoming residents of Eagle Mountain on Tuesday. After hearing big promises of 5,000 jobs, big-box stores and a windfall of tax revenue, Eagle Mountain City Council members voted unanimously on Tuesday to consider annexation of White Hills." - Daily Herald

Construction begins on Pioneer Crossing

"Work began Tuesday on an alternative east-west route for motorists to get in and out of those cities (Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs) and to access Interstate 15. Ground-breaking for the Pioneer Crossing project was held Tuesday afternoon.

The six-mile-long expressway project has been put on the fast track for completion, with 90 percent of the arterial expected to be finished by November.

The second phase of the project from Lehi's 850 East to I-15 on American Fork's Main Street will be completed by fall 2010.

The Utah Department of Transportation has contracted Kiewit and W.W. Clyde and Co. for the $260 million project, which includes the I-15 diverging diamond interchange, the first of its kind in Utah. The design involves a major east-west artery that crisscrosses over the freeway with only two signals and a free flow of traffic on and off the freeway. The DDI interchange will replace the American Fork Main Street interchange."- Daily Herald

Eagle Mtn. still looking for help from UDOT snow plows

"Talks over a lack of Utah Department of Transportation snowplows near Eagle Mountain are improving as the city and state try to find the most efficient way to keep the roads cleared.

Highway 73 is the one major road leading in and out of Eagle Mountain. When it gets pounded with snow, UDOT has only two snowplows working the big roads west of Utah Lake.

UDOT is adjusting the snowplow routes. It also has a salt storage area south of Saratoga Springs, which means the plows now don't have to leave the area to refill, which should help."-

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Economy sinks Eagle Mtn. rec center vote

Months ago, Eagle Mountain had been optimistic that residents could vote this June on a tax increase to fund a recreation center.
Now that timeline has likely been delayed at least a year because of the tanking global economy, Mayor Heather Jackson says.

"But despite the economy leaning on their plans, Eagle Mountain is pressing toward its goal. Looking beyond the setback on a vote, the city held the final of three public meetings on Thursday to ask residents what they would like to see in a recreation center if and when it can be built.

The city will use the input of residents to prepare plans for a rec center so that when a vote is economically feasible, the city will be prepared to move, Jackson said.

The city has set aside 60 acres for the project along Sweetwater Road, and that land will also include sports fields.

Although a local homeowners association had at one point been in discussions to be joint partners, or to build its own rec center, the HOA has since dropped its plans, said city administrator John Hendrickson." -Daily Herald

Gephardt busts Digis service in Eagle Mountain

"It was a sales pitch for neighbors in Eagle Mountain. Change to the Digis company for your internet service, and it will be faster. Two people who contacted us say they changed over, but didn't get what they paid for?"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

UDOT tells Eagle Mtn; No more snow plows

"Concerned that icy roads could trap Eagle Mountain residents who have limited options when getting in and out of town, Eagle Mountain Mayor Heather Jackson has asked UDOT to provide a third plow for the two highways leading to the city.
UDOT has turned the city down, citing economic realities and the sheer number of residents on the road, making access for plows difficult.

"Right now we don't see that we have a way to put a third plow out there and do everything we have to do," said UDOT spokesman Scott Thompson." - Daily Herald

Up to 20 years in prison for Eagle Mtn woman

"An Eagle Mountain woman was sentenced Thursday to up to 20 years in prison for starving and physically abusing a young niece and nephew as a form of discipline.

Mary Matilda Heath, 33, pleaded guilty in 4th District Court to two second-degree felony and two third-degree felony counts of child abuse/neglect.

Heath's live-in boyfriend, Sekoa Aiono, 37, is scheduled for sentencing next month on identical charges.

Aiono told police the couple let the children go hungry, beat them with a leather belt and locked them in the bathrooms for long periods, according to arrest documents.

On Thursday, Heath tearfully expressed remorse and sorrow, saying there was "no possibly way" she could justify the abuse." -SLTrib

Story at

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No gifts for our elected officials

"Strouse, however, said the money was not a loan, but a charitable contribution to her and her family. The money was meant to help remodel her home while her late husband was suffering from cancer.

"For people to misconstrue a charitable contribution in such a way is despicable," she said (Linn Strouse)." -Daily Herald

I feel bad that Strouse lost her husband to cancer, but once again, this is why our elected officials can't and should not except gifts, no matter what the gift is.

How can you, as an elected official, feel comfortable excepting gifts, especially from land developers.

Also, don't sit there and try to tell your voters that it doesn't persuade you in the political process.

Eagle Mountain could help its image even more by implementing a gift ban.

Charges dropped against former Eagle Mtn. City Council member

"Linn Strouse, who served two terms on the Eagle Mountain City Council, was charged with a prohibited personal use of office after receiving $10,000 from developer John Walden. Prosecutor Jason Sant said the state would have needed to prove Strouse was not fair or impartial in carrying out her duties as a result of the money she received. The second-degree felony was dropped Monday after the sum was paid back to Walden.

"We worked something out where the defendant would pay the restitution or the amount owed on the loan," Sant said.

Although Strouse had a position on the City Council, Sant said the charge had nothing to do with Eagle Mountain, but was solely between Strouse and Walden. Sant said he felt the facts of the case and the criminal charge have not changed, but prosecutors decided not to continue pursuing the case." -Daily Herald

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Foreclosure for Eagle Mtn. Ranches Landowner

"A Lindon investment holding company that owns about 50 acres on the southwestern boundary of The Ranches residential development in Eagle Mountain is facing foreclosure after defaulting on its special improvement district assessment.

An attorney for Eagle Mountain filed a notice of default against KEB Enterprises late last week after the company failed to make its annual payment of about $70,000, which came due in September 2008. City officials said the company has about $550,000 in outstanding special improvement district assessments to be paid over the next few years.

Eagle Mountain set up special improvement districts in 1998 and 2000 to fund the construction of roads and installation of electrical lines, water and sewer pipes, parkways and other infrastructure. The city uses funds from the assessments to make payment on bonds issued to finance the infrastructure build-out."-Daily Herald

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lifferth and Eagle Mtn City Council Deliver on Gas Surcharge

All Things Eagle Mountain has been following the gas surcharge that our garbage service has been charging.

Click for the original post here

Our city council has finally done something about it.

Here's councilman Lifferth's comments on the issue.

"David said...

I wanted to follow up to your issue of the fuel surcharge.

This has been discussed by the mayor, staff, and council.

The fuel surcharge is based on the cost of diesel fuel and is paid based on the previous month cost. There is no fuel surcharge if diesel is priced at $2.40 or less.

Because the cost of fuel has "thankfully" declined, the fuel surcharge is schedule to decline as well.

If fuel continues to decline there will be no fuel surcharge in the coming months.

December 18, 2008 6:25 AM"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Scandal Free in 2008

The Daily Herald has picked up on councilman David Lifferth's blog post that Eagle Mountain has gone scandal free in 2008.

We all know that Eagle Mountain hasn't had the best reputation from a government standpoint, but why are we celebrating something that is expected from our government officials.

It's like someone that wants to be rewarded for being a good parent. If you have kids you should be a good parent. It's your responsibility.

The same goes for politicians. You've been elected and entrusted by the people that voted for you.

Do your job and quit looking for praise because that's what you get paid to do and that's what we elected you for.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Eagle Mtn. asks UDOT for another snow plow

When there was heavy snow Christmas week, Eagle Mountain City Hall started getting calls from folks complaining that State Road 73 was not plowed and dangerous to drive on.

City staffers explained that SR-73 -- the west-east main road that connects Interstate 15 to Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain and points west into Tooele County-- is the responsibility of the Utah Department of Transportation.

After several phone calls and meetings with UDOT, city officials said they are hoping the snow-days problem is solved.

Mayor Heather Jackson said she met Wednesday with David Nazare, a UDOT regional director, about the city's frustrations. She said UDOT only has two snow plows working in the area -- one for Redwood Road (SR-68) and one for SR-73.

Jackson said she is requesting that UDOT add a third plow this winter. In the long term, she is suggesting that UDOT permanently add a third snow play and a UDOT shed with equipment in the area.

UDOT spokesman Adan Carrillo said such ideas are being considered, but it will depend on state funding.

City officials said snow on the road also was a problem last year, and they have offered to sometimes plow if UDOT can't get to it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

GOP Senator Wants Stricter Alcohol Rules

"Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, says pouring drinks in front of kids makes drinking attractive. He says he'd like to see a physical barrier blocking the view of alcohol at restaurants and the preparation of drinks or have it all moved into a back room."

You've got to be kidding me. I don't drink but this is a pathetic attempt to fix something that doesn't need to be fixed.

Why not ban all soda from being poured in front of children because it makes our kids to hyper or fat.

You can always tell when a new session is open up at the state capitol.

It's like the politicians divide up and one writes an alcohol bill, one writes a bill about the war on Christmas, and one writes a bill about how to be more patriotic.

C'mon! Lets tackle real issues like transportation, improving the economy, etc...

Not how can we expand government oversight.

Monday, January 5, 2009

CNG for Eagle Mtn. Drivers

Just when you thought it was a wise idea to kick that ole' gas guzzler for a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle.

You might want to think again.

In December, the Utah Public Service Commission made plans to hike CNG prices 188 percent by Summer.

Shortly after the plan was announced, CNG went from a nation-low $.80 per gallon to $1.14.

By July 1, the price will increase to $1.43.

BTW, don't think that I believe unleaded gasoline prices will stay as low as they have been lately.

I predict the pendulum will swing back even harder, sending gas prices higher than we've ever seen before.