Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cafe El Lago Visit

It only took me two years after moving to Eagle Mountain, but I finally decided to go to Cafe El Lago located in Saratoga Springs.

Pretty nice inside. If you're a booth person you won't like it considering they only have tables with chairs.

Once you enter the host seats you. So, a step above a place like Cafe Rio or Bajio.

Once you're seated they offer you complimentary chips and salsa. They do charge for refills on the salsa and chips. The chips seemed like they were made there.

I ordered the enchilada plate. It came with your choice of three enchiladas. I choose one shredded beef and two cheese. Each platter combo comes with the traditional pinto beans and rice. They also serve posole as a third side item.

Overall a good value at $8.75. Most Mexican restaurants I've been to lately only offer 1 or 2 enchiladas in their combo meal and are pushing $10+ dollars a meal.

Check out their website if interested.

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