Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad News for Utah County Commuters

"Utah lawmakers in the House of Representatives shot down a transportation bill today that would have funded the construction of the Mountain View Corridor and the expansion of I-15 in Utah County. It would also have raised the vehicle registration fee by $20. Bill sponsor Representative Kevin Garn says many legislators switched their votes when representatives from Utah County decided to vote "no" on the bill, because of their opposition to the fee increase.

"$1.8 billion of this $2.4 billion bond goes to Utah County. Half of them didn't vote for it. If they don't want their project, I don't want it either cause it's not my project. If they don't want it, I don't think the rest of the state really cares," he said.

Garn, who sponsored the bill, didn't even vote for it himself. He said the good news is that $170 million allocated to transportation can now be used for other critical programs, but the bad news is the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and critical infrastructure for economic growth. The bill may be reconsidered sometime this afternoon."

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