Sunday, January 18, 2009

Economy sinks Eagle Mtn. rec center vote

Months ago, Eagle Mountain had been optimistic that residents could vote this June on a tax increase to fund a recreation center.
Now that timeline has likely been delayed at least a year because of the tanking global economy, Mayor Heather Jackson says.

"But despite the economy leaning on their plans, Eagle Mountain is pressing toward its goal. Looking beyond the setback on a vote, the city held the final of three public meetings on Thursday to ask residents what they would like to see in a recreation center if and when it can be built.

The city will use the input of residents to prepare plans for a rec center so that when a vote is economically feasible, the city will be prepared to move, Jackson said.

The city has set aside 60 acres for the project along Sweetwater Road, and that land will also include sports fields.

Although a local homeowners association had at one point been in discussions to be joint partners, or to build its own rec center, the HOA has since dropped its plans, said city administrator John Hendrickson." -Daily Herald

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adam said...

I am excited at the possiblity of a rec center in the future. The location proposed is a great one. I look forward to supporting this endeavor.