Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Charges dropped against former Eagle Mtn. City Council member

"Linn Strouse, who served two terms on the Eagle Mountain City Council, was charged with a prohibited personal use of office after receiving $10,000 from developer John Walden. Prosecutor Jason Sant said the state would have needed to prove Strouse was not fair or impartial in carrying out her duties as a result of the money she received. The second-degree felony was dropped Monday after the sum was paid back to Walden.

"We worked something out where the defendant would pay the restitution or the amount owed on the loan," Sant said.

Although Strouse had a position on the City Council, Sant said the charge had nothing to do with Eagle Mountain, but was solely between Strouse and Walden. Sant said he felt the facts of the case and the criminal charge have not changed, but prosecutors decided not to continue pursuing the case." -Daily Herald

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