Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recycling in Eagle Mtn.

I preface this post by saying that I'm not "green" freak nor do I care for the argument on global warming.

With that said, it's time for the Eagle Mountain City Council to step up and take the same initiative as American Fork has on recycling.

"The (American Fork) city council voted to begin an opt-out recycling program, in which all residents would be assumed to want recycling, and will be added to the service and charged for it, unless they contact the city to opt out. The program is expected to allow for greater participation in the city's recycling program by capturing households that are not opposed to recycling but have never found the time or motivation to sign up.

Other cities, Eagle Mountain most prominently, have also been considering moving to the opt-out method as a way of increasing participation in recycling. The more residents who participate, the cheaper the service generally is." -Daily Herald

I know this has been discussed several times in Eagle Mountain City Council meetings but take not from what Heber Thompson, Mayor of American Fork had to say about why they decided to make the right decision on the issue.

"We have debated this off and on, and we seem to always find some way to delay it again," the mayor said. "I think we have got to do something. It is time for us to take action." -Daily Herald.

I don't think recycling should be mandatory, but rather and opt-out approach.

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