Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eagle Mtn. welcomes home soldiers from Afghanistan

"Some family and friends of Utah's 142nd Military Intelligence Battalion hadn't seen their soldier in over a year, so when they walked onto the tarmac, you couldn't hold them back.

Eagle Mountain welcomed home soldiers from its city in parade fashion.

They left a year ago, to provide intelligence so soldiers could protect Afghanis from the Taliban.

But if you saw them then, you'd never recognize them today.

“We wore civilian clothes, grew beards out, it’s a little different mission,” said Staff Sgt. Mike Jackson, Utah National Guard.

Several soldiers said it gained trust, and convinced the Afghani people to work with them.

“They wanted to do it for the good of Afghanistan, there are a lot of great people over there that want the fighting to stop, that haven't had the freedoms that we're so fortunate to have,” said Jackson."

Welcome home, you've been missed!

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