Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eagle Mtn. Want More Roads Commentary

Issues like this will continue to haunt Eagle Mountain until the city can find a way to bring businesses here. These businesses are needed to generate tax revenue. This is why Saratoga Springs can come up with their portion of the money to build a two-lane highway and Eagle Mountain can't.

If the city is willing to bond for a recreation center then why not be willing to bond for a road? It may be time to re-think some of the priorities at the city council.

Let's face it, the federal, state, and county will not build this road for us and why should they? They don't live here and they probably never drive out here because other than great views there is no business to attend to.


Anonymous said...

EM built their section of the road to the EM borders. They can widen that really easy when the road does come up to our borders.

The road in question isn't built yet and is on County land and is in Saratoga Springs expansion/annexation plan. EM wants to build the road even though it isn't on their land. They've been working with banks already to get it built. Banks don't want to allow the bond for land the city doesn't own. The School district is going is paying most of the Saratoga Springs section because it is in front of the high school. UDOT is paying the rest. The County land is the hold up and Saratoga isn't going to annex so they have to pay right now. Saratoga Springs isn't the really the one paying for most of the road though they get the credit.

Just figure I'd let you know that our leaders aren't as stupid as the papers makes them out to be. They are working on these things already and hit logistic road blocks.

David said...


I appreciate your frustration. I also agree with one of your solutions. The city is willing to bond for roads outside of our boundaries. I have heard proposals to do this going back to the Bailey administration.

I also agree that bringing business to Eagle Mountain will help with the tax base to pay for road improvements both inside and outside of our borders.

While you may have heard of proposals to bond for a Recreation Center. I have heard public statements opposing bonding for a rec center from myself and other members on the council. The plan to build a rec center has been "unofficially tabled" until the economy turns around.

But, going back to your solution that we need more businesses in Eagle Mountain. You need to look at this from a prospective business viewpoint. If you have a choice to relocate your business to Eagle Mountain, would you want to do that with all of the turmoil, corruption, immature behavior, and anti-business rhetoric that IN THE PAST was common in Eagle Mountain? I think that right now we have the businesses that have chosen to come here despite the bad behavior of city officials, staff, and residents OF THE PAST.

We finally have a mature and responsible Mayor and City Council that is working for the benefit of the city. Despite the economy, I think that Eagle Mountain is finally a safe place for businesses to thrive.

It is hard to predict the future, but I think we have a better chance of getting businesses to move to and start up in Eagle Mountain now that everyone is more mature and responsible. Time will tell.