Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eagle Mtn. City Council Rejects Recycling Offers

"Speaking to the Daily Herald, city spokeswoman Linda Peterson said the city had received one bid from Waste Management saying the company would like to provide recycling service but would be unable to provide a price per household in their bid right now because of national economic turmoil. They asked the city to wait to choose a recycling company until Waste Management could provide a bid, but did not show how long that would take.

Allied Waste also submitted a bid, but it provided cost estimates only for a citywide mandatory program, and Council members have said they are loath to force residents to pay for recycling service, Peterson said.

Instead, the city has asked Allied to provide pricing for an opt-out program, in which all residents would be signed up for recycling service unless they tell the city they don't want it.

If 90 percent of residents or more keep the service, participating households would be charged $4.49, Peterson said. That price increases to $4.62 if only 80 to 89 percent keep the service, $5.08 if 60 to 79 percent recycle, and finally to $5.69 per household if fewer than 60 percent of residents recycle.

Council members are expected to debate these rates and an opt-out recycling program at their Dec. 2 meeting. If enacted, pickup would be every other week."-Daily Herald

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