Monday, September 22, 2008

Details Coming Out Regarding Fmr. Eagle Mountain Mayor's Mishaps

"Prosecutor Chad Grunander explained each of the seven counts to the jury, saying that for one evening meeting in American Fork, Olsen's secretary went but Olsen didn't. Later, he requested her to make a reimbursement sheet for his travel to the meeting.

"She questioned the mayor, confronted him," Grunander said. "She'll describe his reaction, it was somewhat defensive."

Grunander said Olsen told her he had attended a meeting earlier that day. But Grunander said they have another witness who will testify there was no meeting earlier that day.

Grunander said that, weeks before Olsen resigned in October 2006, he asked for a reimbursement for a three-day water-law conference in Springdale.

Evidence will show the conference was only two days long, Grunander told the jury, and witnesses will testify that they were with Olsen on the two days of the conference — including one who had lunch with him at the Ranches Golf Club.

Each check was cashed days after the scheduled event, Grunander said. And the only time Olsen paid the city back was on Oct. 19, a day after speaking with investigators from the Utah County Attorney's Office, Grunander said." -Deseret News

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