Sunday, September 7, 2008

Eagle Mountain To Introduce 'Budget Billing'

Tired of those utility payments that are sky high in the Winter and progressively lower from Spring to Fall.

City officials have developed and are now taking applications from residents in good standing to sign up for the equal monthly utility plan being dubbed 'Budget Billing'.

Other than being in good payment standing with the city, the only other eligibility requirements are that you must have lived in your house for at least a year.

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Anonymous said...

The city staffer I spoke with today says city staff has been on this program testing it out. I went in and signed up. With terrible winter bills, I needed to level out my bills. I should just average my bills and do this on my own putting extra in savings. But I'm way too lazy. I'm glad for this option. My high bill is $600, my low is $230. My average for the year is $350. If I actually conserved a little on the gas in the winter. I'd have way lower bills. That's the only part of the bill that fluctuates wildly.