Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fmr. Eagle Mountain Mayor Blames Staff

"Deputy Utah County Attorney Chad Grunander confronted Olsen with his e-mail asking Ferre to prepare an expense report for a water-law conference in Springdale, asking for reimbursement for driving to and from the conference - an almost 600-mile commute - as well as daily expenses.

Olsen said the e-mail was not a request for an advance, but rather an inquiry into how much the conference would cost so he could decide if he wanted to attend. He said he thought the conference was in Springville, not Springdale.

Olsen didn't attend the conference, but he still got the check, Grunander pointed out.
"You cashed the check on Oct. 6, two days later," Grunander said.
Olsen noted he reimbursed the city for that check, but Grunander said that was a day after an investigator called him about misusing funds." -Salt Lake Tribune

Olsen continued to say that he shouldn't have trusted his staff to submit reimbursements.

Olsen also was handing in reimbursements unsigned.

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