Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eagle Mountain Sidewalks and Curbs

The Utah Valley Home Builders Association, working with local developers, says it will take a protest of sorts that started in Eagle Mountain and spread it around the valley.

Scot Hazard is an Eagle Mountain developer who prepares subdivisions with sidewalks, curb and gutter and roads so that builders can put up homes. Hazard and developers like him are required to put tens of thousands of dollars in an account for two years as a bond guaranteeing their work. The amount of the bond depends on the size of the subdivision.

If a sidewalk or road needs to be replaced, the money is used by the city to make repairs. If nothing goes wrong, the developer gets the money back.

Now, everything has changed. With the housing market hobbled, developers are no long flush with cash and Hazard said he needs the city to release some of his bond money just so he can pay his contractors. He asked the city to change it policy for all developers.

Authorities from the Home Builders Association said they agree Eagle Mountain and other cities need to loosen their requirements, and will take the fight to other cities. Eagle Mountain is expected to vote on whether to change its city code in May.

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