Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Slow Economy Could Put Hamper On EM Recycling Program

Eagle Mountain City's website has a poll asking whether residents would be willing to pay up to $7 a month for a curbside recycling program.

According to the Daily Herald, "As of Tuesday morning, 264 people had responded to the survey, with 64 percent saying they supported recycling."

But it appears that EM City Councilman Ryan Ireland has some reservations about such a program with the slumping economy.

The Daily Herald article goes on to say, "Councilman Ryan Ireland cautioned that if the economy continues to stagnate, "$7 a month could be milk instead of recycling. It could become a luxury instead of a necessity.""

Look if $7 a month is determining whether you buy a gallon of milk or not, than your budget was broken long before rising food and oil prices.

I agree with Mayor Jackson for once, give up the second garbage can, which you're being billed for and the $7 a month will be less than you're paying for the extra can.

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Jon Barclay said...

I agree with you Chase. While the city does need to be concerned with not overburdening the citizens, raising fees up to $7 per moth will not likely break the budget of too many homeowners.

If we are concerned about the fiscal soundness of our citizens we might want to look into giving breaks on soaring utility bills for those who are in financial crisis.