Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eagle Mtn Looks Back to the Drawing Board to Honor Pony Express

" Eagle Mountain officials are going back to the drawing board to decide how to honor the Pony Express at a city park.

The City Council initially approved buying a $215,000 larger-than-life bronze statue for Mid-Valley Park, but when the contract came back to the council Dec. 16 with changes, members voted 3-2 against it over concerns about the price tag.

Now the city is looking either for another statue or a local artist who can donate -- or provide at cost -- a monument for the Pony Express' sesquicentennial next year, said city spokeswoman Linda Peterson."-SLTrib

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Chase's Opinion: This is a smart move by the city council. As beautiful as the statue they had planned on purchasing was going to be, I can't see how a small city like Eagle Mountain could justify spending six-figures at this time.

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