Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eagle Mtn: UDOT Road Projects Delayed

"The Utah Transportation Commission is cutting funding to 11 road projects to fulfill a legislative mandate to slash $113 million, and six are in Utah County despite objections from Eagle Mountain that it is unwise to slow projects around the high-growth area.

The Legislature asked the commission to stall $113 worth of projects that are not yet under contract to help fill a budget gap. Thanks to low bids on other projects, though, the Utah Department of Transportation found $28.15 million in savings to put toward that cause, leaving $84.85 million to cut.

Among the cuts are widening and new-highway projects on Geneva Road, two segments of State Route 73, the Vineyard Connector and University Parkway, all Utah County upgrades that Eagle Mountain Mayor Heather Jackson said would help her constituents out of the bottlenecks they currently face heading into Orem and Provo.

"We will still grow," she said, "and if we don't have the roads there we will still be cut off from Utah County."" -SL Trib

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