Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Alpine School District Not Fond of Eagle Mountain

Alpine school district would love to cut Eagle Mountain out of the school district.

Their reasoning? Too many kids and not enough money out there. So why should they send all the district funds to Eagle Mountain.

What do you think about this?


Anonymous said...

Being a district employee I can say that I have never heard any district official state anything like the comment above.

While we do divert a large portion of our funding that direction, I think we also realize that this growing area will provide future tax revenue for the district.

I can also verify that Eagle Mountain city and Alpine School District officials are not on the same page when it comes to building locations and future planning.

Both sides need to learn to better communicate and become more flexible.

I think it is unfair to make such a statement without documentation of who said the statement and in what context.

Chase said...

Sen. Chris Buttars said it. If you click on my headline you can read the story from which I pulled my info. Or you can just copy and paste this link below

Chase said...

Anonymous said...

I've only heard positive from Alpine and EM officials in their proactive working together. Yes locations may differ, but the district and EM are talking. I've been very pleased.

I think Buttars was trying to restart a war that doesn't exist now. Now if you asked 8+ yrs ago.. Then yes there was that mentality where hostile words were said quite often between district officials and local EM prominent members. But EM and the district now work together instead of the fighting of the past.

I also find it funny that there's been 2 studies on splitting Alpine. One as a east/west study and one as an Orem leaving study. Both came back it would not be beneficial at this time.

I still think they should just make it a state wide system of bonding money for school buildings and the very expensive part of running a school. Then districts could focus back on the kids and less of this east/west politics