Monday, August 25, 2008

Eagle Mountain Boy Nearly Drowns

A 2-year-old boy was flown to Primary Children's Hospital Monday evening after nearly drowning.

According to the Utah County Sheriff's Office the boy was in the water for about a minute.

The boy is reportedly doing well.


Anonymous said...

This is misinformation. I am the boy's sister, and he wasn't under for longer than 10 second, if even that, as we were all right there and my other brother saw him right away and yelled.

Chase said...

I am sorry about your brother. I hope he's doing well.

Here's my source:

The boy was with his mother in Eagle Mountain when he jumped into the water, said Eric McDowell with the Utah County Sheriff's Office. She had taken off his life vest to change his diaper.

The two-year-old was underwater for 45 seconds to a minute, McDowell said. When he was pulled out he began breathing but was coughing up large quantities of water.,5143,700253769,00.html

Regardless of how long he was in the water, it was obviously long enough for him to helicoptered to the hospital.

Anonymous4 said...

How long is that exactly? It doesn't take than someone inhaling a bunch of water right after they go under, a child that age does not know not to inhale and could have done it in once second! I just wanted to clear that up because it still sounded like you were implying it had to have been quite a while (longer than the "no more than 10 seconds" that the witnesses told the police in their statements. It was a short time once again no more than ten seconds IF even that, and he was flown so he could get monitored better and quicker. Many things can happen in a situation like that. He is doing better though which is wonderful!