Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eagle Mountain Gas Prices

I know that we only have two gas stations here in Eagle Mountain, but I find it interesting that one will either raise or drop it's prices and the other station here is quick to follow.

I find myself filling up at the Maverik in Bluffdale because they're usually cheaper by five cents or more as compared to the Maverik here in Eagle Mountain.

What's interesting is they get their gas from the same refinery as I often find myself stuck behind the fuel truck on Camp Williams after it made a stop in Bluffdale headed to the Eagle Mountain Maverik.

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Anonymous said...

Cheaper or not. The 5 cents a gallon saves me less than a $1 a fill up. I have decided that it is worth my effort to support the two local gas stations so they can stay in business to get other businesses out here. Chevron paid Eagle Mountain City over $50,000 last year in taxes. That money builds things I benefit from directly.

At this point in time I can support local.