Wednesday, October 8, 2008

They Tried to Make Eagle Mountain Go to Rehab

They tried to make Eagle Mountain go to rehab, but they said, NO NO NO!

Well not really, but when the idea of having the "Arc of Little Cottonwood" group provide a drug rehab home for those trying to kick their substance abuse problems, residents of Eagle Mountain said, thanks, but no thanks.

Currently there is one of these facilities next to an elementary school in Sandy.

My opinion is everyone agrees that we need places for people like this, but when these types of places want to come to your neighborhood it's always a "not in my neighborhood" kind of mentality.

It is similar to a person who builds his house with his backyard facing a golf course, then complains because golf balls hit his house. You knew the golf course was there when you built and even if it was wasn't, you knew that empty field behind your house had to be something someday.

It's fine to voice concern with facilities like this wanting to be in your neighborhood, but hear them out. Let them explain their setup. For goodness sakes, show a little compassion for people that have problems looking to get help. Especially here in Utah County where studies have shown prescription drug abuse reigns. Who knows, a drug rehab home may not be such a bad thing after all.


Mountain Man said...

Great website! I must say I am all for drug rehab centers in Sandy. Sandy deserves one. Eagle Mountain? No way. I remember an organization trying to build one in my childhood neighborhood in New Jersey. Money talks. They didn't succeed. Put them where the problem is biggest. Never force it on a community without its consent. I am a right wing nearly libertarian type on the national and even state scene, but I am content to be anything you want to call me locally to keep us from becoming a ghetto.

Amber said...

Who doesn't know someone with a drug problem? From what I heard, it will be regulated as to who can stay there. I agree with Mountain Man about "Great Website!"