Monday, October 20, 2008

What One LDS Author Thinks of Eagle Mountain

Brittany Mangus, author of the book "Prepare Now for the Temple: An Essential Guide for Young Adult Sisters" had this to say about Eagle Mountain in her recent blog post.

"What is going on out there? You're only 12 years old but I need to inform you that you're getting a strange reputation. No, I'm not talking about clogging the streets of Lehi with your commuters. Lately, it seems whenever something weird happens, the TV tells us that the person involved in the questionableness was one of your residents (or mayors!).

For example in only 12 years of being in existance, you've had something like 8 or 9 mayors. Remember your crazy mayor who said he was kidnapped and forced to drive to California, but it was all a lie? (He was feeling underappreciated.) What about your other crazy mayor and the allegations of fund stealing? (He was however, acquitted.) Even if he hadn't been accused of stealing city fundage, let's not forget his so-called master's degree. Well, I guess I can over look that one. So what if he printed off his diploma from his computer at home? Does someone really need a Master's to reign over you?
Then there was the domestic violence committing paraglider, (not the mayor, whew!) and lately it seems there are more than one news story about child abuse.
I think you need to re-evaluate your priorities and get back to tricking people into thinking they're living in the "country", even though all the houses are 3 feet apart."

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