Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trespassing, Property Damage Upsetting To Property Owners

The Daily Herald reported Tuesday that landowners are desperate for help in keeping intruders away from posted no-trespassing areas.

Eagle Mountain landowners along Lake Mountain Road have had it with motorbikes, all terrain vehicles and automobiles driving on their property to get to BLM land.

Those folks' property has been stolen, their horses frightened and their grass trampled.
"We just want them to respect the fact that private property has a right to be protected," resident Judy Hooley told the Herald.

She has asked her City Council for help, but posting of signs seems ineffective.

"We have put up signs two or three times a year and they disappear. I have even gotten signs from the Sheriff's Department and they don't care about those either," Hooley said.

Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Eric McDowell acknowledges deputies have been called numerous times about trespassers. He suggests fences.

But Marcie Taylor, who lives on Lake Mountain Road, says she put up an orange snow fence -- only to have repeatedly cut by off-rode recreationists.

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