Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eagle Mtn. Successfully Challenges Census Numbers


Eagle Mountain, UT, December 11 – Eagle Mountain City has successfully challenged census estimates for the second consecutive year and will gain an additional 11.5% increase in sales tax revenue from the state.
The U.S. Census Bureau estimated Eagle Mountain City’s population for 2007 to be 17,832 people. After the city challenged that figure and submitted additional housing data, the Census Bureau has now adjusted the population estimate to be 19,890.

Last year’s challenge of the 2006 census figures resulted in a 30% increase in sales tax revenue for the city when the population estimate was adjusted from 12,232 to 17,391.

State sales tax revenue goes into the city’s general fund. Money from the general fund may be used for park improvements, infrastructure, and other city needs.

The census adjustment may also provide more funding for roads.

“We are again excited to successfully challenge the Census Bureau findings,” Mayor Heather Jackson said. “It is critical to the development and financial health of our city to have accurate census numbers.”

The revised population figures will be posted at the following location: on the Census Bureau’s website.


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