Monday, December 8, 2008

Silver Lake Village, Eagle Mtn.

"The vast majority of homes in Silver Lake Village have either been abandoned mid-construction, or have been foreclosed on and then abandoned. Front doors that were never installed with knobs swing open day and night. Strangers doing drugs and having sex in abandoned houses have to be chased out, and raccoons have infested many. There is a sinkhole in one of the streets. Holes dug for basements are collapsing, posing a danger to the children who play there. The foundations of some of the homes are cracking and sinking. A pile of abandoned furniture sits in front of one home. There may be squatters living in another. Several of the abandoned homes have been vandalized, the perpetrators removing granite countertops, appliances, even pulling up the wood floors. Someone used a car to smash in the garage door of one home." - Daily Herald

Is this really the way Silver Lake Village is?

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