Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Forgiveness and Hope in Eagle Mtn.

Who will ever forget the Christ-like example of Gary Ceran?

I hope that I would do the same if ever faced with a similar situation.

KUTV News -- Two years ago Christmas Eve he lost his wife and two of his four kids to a drunk driver.

You would think that’s enough for anyone to hate the holidays but for Gary Ceran its just the opposite.

Christmas has more meaning then ever.

"I think what ended up happening is it really made Christmas more sacred," said Ceran from his home in Eagle Mountain where Christmas decorations can be seen everywhere.

It was early in the morning on December 24th when the Ceran family was coming home from a party with fellow cast members in the play A Christmas Carol.

They where heading eastbound on 53rd sound when a truck coming northbound on 700 west suddenly smashed into them.

The driver of that truck Carlos Prieto was drunk.

"Iit almost felt like my body stopped. i called out to my wife. I just called out Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl," said Ceran.

But there was no answer.

47-year-old Cheryl Ceran was killed along with 15-year-old Ian, and 7-year-old Julianna.

"Everybody understands the dangers of drinking and driving everybody knows its wrong its just one of those things where people think they are stronger then they are they think the are less impaired then they are," said Ceran.

Gary's two other children in the car survived the accident.

Through it all Gary has forgiven Prieto who has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Gary re-married in March of this year adding four more children to his family.

So instead of sorrow and pain during the holidays, Gary says its one of peace and forgiveness, for that is what Christmas is about.

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