Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eagle Mtn. to Annex White Hills?

"White Hills is a tiny burg with big financial problems. Now developers here have asked to become part of Eagle Mountain, a plan that at least some White Hills residents reject.

A group of landowners and developers, headed by DAI, which calls itself "Utah's Foremost Land Developer," have asked Eagle Mountain to annex about 3,090 acres, which at build-out would be home to 34,000 people. The annexation includes White Hills, population 400.

The annexation has already been turned down by neighboring Fairfield and Cedar Fort, said Carey Smith, a White Hills resident whose family owns 350 acres of the proposed annexation. Smith said those communities turned down the proposal because White Hills has more residents than either town and annexation would have instantly given White Hills political sway." -Daily Herald

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