Wednesday, December 3, 2008

200 Parks in Eagle Mtn?

"Tucked away on the west side of Utah Lake, this city could become the home of more than 200 parks by the time it reaches its buildout of some 190,300 residents." - Deseret News

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Jon Barclay said...

That number does not see strange to me at all. When you consider that there are over 16 parks in The Ranches right now, and we are only about half built out.

One must keep in mind that our city has chosen to have developers put in lots of small "pocket parks" rather than fewer larger facilities. Most of these parks are small and have a patch of grass and a "tot lot".

There are also a lot of open areas that the city owns, but will not have then funds to build into usable parks for a long time. Just look at the 15 acre parcel next to Pony Express Elementary. This will one day be a beautiful park, but it will be a long long time before it is built.